Thursday, May 29, 2014


The 2014 Fantasy Sports Boss Fantasy Football Draft Guide is currently on sale for only $14.99 which you can purchase by using the BUY NOW tab below.  Guide will ship out the first week of June.  Here is a small preview of the QB rankings below.


Draft Strategy:  For the third season in a row, the way to attack the first round of the draft is to look QB first and than everything else second.  Never before has the passing game been more potent and record-setting than it currently is and one only has to look at the video game numbers put up by Peyton Manning last season as evidence.  We don't have an official stat on this but we would venture that more than half of fantasy football champions in their respective leagues had Manning as their starting QB, so awesome was his level of production.  Gone are the days where taking a running back in the first round (and even picking a second back in Round 2) was the slam dunk way to go.  Instead taking Manning, Drew Brees, or Aaron Rodgers right at the top is the new recommended play in this era of passing dominance . With the ridiculous numbers these three and others have put up the last few seasons, starting your draft off with a top tier passer sets you up for immediate success, while also serving as a big time tool to overcome some of the shortcomings from the rest of your roster.  It is clearly time to forget old habits in Round 1 and embrace the points where they are the most plentiful which is from the guys who are under center.

1.  Peyton Manning:  Let's get the obvious out of the way which is that Manning or anyone else would be extremely hard-pressed to repeat his beyond belief 2013 production.  Tossing 55 touchdowns to go with a ridiculous 5,477 passing yards, Manning was beyond reproach when it came to any player at any position in all of fantasy baseball last season.  Thus Manning deserves to be the top pick in all drafts even if you slash 10 scores and 1,000 passing yards from his ledger.  Despite losing Eric Decker to free agency, Manning still has quite possibly the best trio of pass catchers in wideouts Demaryuis Thomas and Wes Welker to go along with tight end Julius Thomas.  Manning passed the all-important offseason checkup on his surgically repaired neck which eliminates the one possible stumbling block.  Cross your fingers and hope you get lucky enough to land the top pick.
PROJECTION:  4,981 yards 48 TD 12 INT

2.  Drew Brees:  At 35-years-old Brees is aging but is still seemingly at the top of his game as he comes off another superb 2013 season where he threw for 5,162 yards and 39 touchdowns.  Brees also was more careful with the football, slashing 7 interceptions from his bottom line total from the year prior.  With Sean Payton continuing to make the pass-happy calls, Brees remains one of the surest bets in all of fantasy football.  There is little to talk about here as Brees shows no signs of slippage and despite a smallish frame, he has been one of the more durable players in the game.
PROJECTION:  5,018 yards 40 TD 14 INT

3.  Aaron Rodgers: 

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