Saturday, February 15, 2014


When it comes to fantasy baseball drafts each and every season, the prospects are what we all annually fight over.  The upside these players bring push prospective fantasy baseball owners to reach a round or two (and sometimes even more) earlier than usual in order to make sure they secure the pitcher or hitter's services.  As they say opportunity is everything and the players who make up the list below stand the best chance of yielding the most upside fore 2014 fantasy baseball. 

1. Byron Buxton:  Incredibly gifted athlete has the speed/power game down pat already as Buxton looks to be the next instant impact player like Mike Trout and Yasiel Puig. 

2.  Mashario Tanaka:  While not compared as highly to Yu Darvish due to not having the same strikeout ability, Tanaka looks like a rock solid SP 2 whose terrific control and very good fastball should yield a low-3.00 ERA and around 180 K's.

3.  Tajuan Walker:  The top rated pitching prospect last season now starts from Day for Seattle.  Big time strikeout potential and ace-like ability.

4.  Xander Bogaerts:  Bogarets got a trial by fire with the World Series-winning Boston Red Sox last season which he generally passed.  Qualifies at shortstop which is always interesting and has 15-20 home run pop.

5.  Jose Abreu:  Latest Cuban import is a potentially significant power hitter who can threaten the 30 home run mark if all breaks right.

6.  Billy Hamilton:  We all have a clear understanding about this kid who brings speed we haven't seen since Vince Coleman and his 100-steal days.  Hamilton also qualifies at shortstop and even though his hitting may be suspect early, 60 steals is possible.

7.  Nick Castellanos:  Third base is all set up for the Detroit Tigers' top hitting prospect.  Castelloas has a nice swing that is capable of 25 home runs.  There are some holes there however so a .275 is the ceiling for the time being.

8.  Oscar Taveras:  Taveras would be number 1 or 2 on this list if he were starting for the St. Louis Cardinals right out of the gate but for now there is no spot for him.  Compared to Vladimir Guerrero, be sure you leave a spot for Taveras on your roster this drafting season.

9.  George Springer:  Almost posted a 40/40 campaign in a monster 2013 season and the power/speed game is very similar to a Carlos Gomez with a bit worse of a batting average.  Springer has a very poor contact rate though and he too is not guaranteed to make the Opening Day roster. 

10. Travis D'Arnaud:  I would throw out D'Arnaud's awful 2013 debut with the New York Mets as the hyped catching prospect dealt with all kinds of injuries last season.  This is a potentially big time bat in the mold of a Brian McCann which plays perfectly at catcher.

There you have it.  Check back tomorrow for additional prospects that make up the next phase of this list.

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