Friday, February 28, 2014


Moving right along as we continue our in-depth look at each position for 2014 fantasy baseball by focusing on the respective draft tiers. 
Tier 1
Robinson Cano
-Obviously.  Cano remains the clear standard bearer at the very shallow second base position and even though he will lose some home runs and RBI in moving to Seattle, he should still put up big time numbers overall and remain a first round pick.
Tier 2
Dustin Pedroia, Jason Kipnis, Ian Kinsler, Matt Carpenter, Brandon Phillips
-On paper a very impressive group but each has a distinct red flag.  Pedroia has health woes, Kipnis has been horrid in the second half each of the last two seasons, Kinsler's rate stats are on a steep decline and he goes from a hitting park to a pitching one, Phillips is declining everywhere and aging, and Carpenter is overrated since he is only a plus in the volatile average, runs, and just all right in RBI.  Forget about home runs and steals which makes the Cardinals second sacker a 2.5 category guy who is going as high as the fourth round.  Not the best value here.
Tier 3
Aaron Hill, Daniel Muprhy, Jose Altuve, Ben Zobrist, Jedd Gyorko, Martin Prado, Chase Utley
-Take my advice and draft one of these guys a bit later on while you fill out your other spots.  Hill hit at a rate like he did in his big 2012 season and represents great value.  Murphy figured out how to steal bases which added a third category to his name.  Altuve will hit .290 with close to 40 steals.  Prado is a safe veteran who always gives a good average and solid numbers in everything but steals.  Utley had a nice comeback season in 2013 and I actually took advantage of the value but no way am I trusting him two seasons in a row given his ugly health woes.  Finally Gyorko could crack 25-30 home runs in a Miami Marlins Dan Uggla impersonation while hitting around .260.  Go with this tier. 
Tier 4
Jurickson Profar, Neil Walker, Howie Kendrick, Brian Dozier, Jed Lowrie, Anthony Rendon
-Wanted to put Profar higher but we haven't seen anything positive out of him yet and the Rangers could send him to the minors if he struggles early.  Rendon didn't wow us either but like Profar he is a top prospect.  Walker, Kendrick, and Lowrie are all boring veterans.  Dozier has some decent sleeper appeal due to his ability to hit some home runs and steal some bases but his ugly average is a hindrance.
Tier 5
Marco Scutaro, Kelly Johnson, Nick Franklin, Dustin Ackley, Rickie Weeks, Emilio Bonifacio, Omar Infante, Danny Espinosa, Dan Uggla
-Some truly horrible options here in Uggla, Ackley, Bonifacio, and Weeks.  Frankline has some deep appeal as another top prospect but he could be optioned due to the crowded Seattle infield situation. 

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