Thursday, February 27, 2014


Been awhile since we checked in on another 2014 fantasy baseball draft debate so let's get to a new one today involving the top tiers of outfielders.  Today we being you the New York Yankees' Jacoby Ellsbury and the Milwaukee Brewers' Carlos Gomez who are being drafted virtually in the same spots in second rounds of drafts this winter.  So with that said let's find out once and for all who should be picked ahead of the other by comparing the two among the five standard ROTO categories.

RUNS:  This one will be all Ellsbury who will hit atop an explosive Yankees lineup which means 100-plus runs.  Gomez meanwhile will bat anywhere from second to fifth which means he won't be put in position to score as many runs and the last two years in his breakout he managed only 72 and 80 total in that category.  Easy one for Ellsbury.
ADVANTAGE:  Jacoby Ellsbury

RBI:  The flip side of the lineup shuffle is RBI where Gomez is now going to be in better position to collect from this area as opposed to Ellsbury in the leadoff spot.  Last season Gomez had 20 more RBI than Ellsbury by a tally of 73-53 and that was with the latter leading off in a very good Red Sox lineup.  Lineup order means everything in this.
ADVANTAGE:  Carlos Gomez

AVERAGE:  Each of these two have distinct advantages in certain respective categories and despite Gomez making nice progress in his batting average the last few seasons, Ellsbury wins out here.  For their careers Ellsbury is a career .297 hitter to Gomez' .255. 
ADVANTAGE:  Jacoby Ellsbury

HOME RUNS:  Last season Gomez blew Ellsbury away by outhomering him 24-9.  Now Ellsbury should be able to see a solid uptick in homers as a lefty hitter in Yankee Stadium and a run at 20 is possible for the speedster.  However Gomez is already in 20-plus territory and is much more dependable in that area.
ADVANTAGE:  Carlos Gomez

STOLEN BASES:  Gomez has made tremendous strides here with stolen base totals of 37 and 40 the last two seasons but Ellsbury is quite possible the most accomplished runner in the game today with a 70-steal season under his belt and coming off a campaign where he took 52.  Gomez is closing ground but Ellsbury still reigns supreme.
ADVANTAGE:  Jacoby Ellsbury

WINNER:  Jacoby Ellsbury

I have to say I was a bit surprised as I thought Gomez would win out at first glance but the numbers don't lie.  Of course Ellsbury has injury issues that Gomez doesn't so you could argue they are back to being even.  Honestly I have no issues for anyone who picks Gomez over Ellsbury as they are that close.  If you are looking outside of injuries on the surface though Ellsbury would take it due to his new home.

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