Friday, January 10, 2014


Yesterday I absolutely tore apart the Lindy's Top Ten list for 2014 Fantasy Baseball.  With some more time to reflect on some of my picks, here is my revised Top 12 list in standard 12-team mixed leagues as we head toward this season.

1.  Mike Trout:  Nothing changes at the top or at number 2.
2.  Miguel Cabrera:  If Trout/Cabrera don't go 1-2 in all leagues than something is wrong.
3.  Paul Goldschmidt:  I am pushing out Chris Davis despite the crazy power numbers from last season.  Goldschmidt is the very rare 5-tool 1B and that deserves the push.
4.  Adam Jones:  Not sure why almost all publications have McCutchen over Jones.  Jones outproduced McCutchen almost across the board last season, is extremely durable, and stays consistent in his numbers which the Pirates outfielder doesn't, 
5.  Andrew McCutchen:  This is another slight switch as I had Carlos Gonzalez over McCutchen the last time around.  However I can't deny the durability McCutchen has over CarGo despite the latter having the potential for better numbers if he stays healthy. 
6.  Carlos Gonzalez:  Just love CarGo's ability to fill in all the categories and he could go 30/30 if he can just have ONE healthy season.
7.  Chris Davis:  Can't argue with the crazy power Davis brings.  Even if he slips back a bit there, he should still crack 40 home runs which is huge in this day and age.
8.  Edwin Encarnacion:  Another guy who gets disrespected from the top 12.  Would have had back-to-back 40 home run season if he didn't get hurt for a bit in 2013.  Some have Joey Votto ranked ahead of him which is silly as Encarnacion beats him in all categories except average.
9.  Joey Votto:  Listen I like Votto but be sure you grade him out properly as a 25 home guy and nothing more. 
10. Bryce Harper:  Harper is a new addition in the top ten as I pushed out Prince Fielder.  The dynamic potential of Harper is still there and that awesome season we all have expected should be arriving very soon.
11. Robinson Cano:  The best second baseman hands down but the numbers should slide a bit in Seattle with no lineup protection and a tough ballpark.
12. Clayton Kereshaw:  The token pitcher and no doubt the best one in the game.  Please don't draft one in the first round.  Please. 

As always let us know what you think.  Post below.

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