Friday, January 3, 2014


By Ryan Steele

The wild card rounds are here and new office pools are ready to launch with the four games set to go this weekend.  Let's get to how I see it from the sides and the over/under.

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (-2.5) VS. Kansas City Chiefs:  The Chiefs looked like pretenders to me all season as they beat virtually no one of note and took a rough 23-7 loss AT HOME versus this Colts team.  While Indy has run hot and cold themselves (still trying to figure out how they lost to the St. Louis Rams 38-8 at home), Andrew Luck has been locked in the last month.  Both defenses have also not played well since November so the over looks nice.
THE PICKS:  Indianapolis Colts (-2.5), OVER 46.5

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (-2.5) VS. New Orleans Saints:  This one is the easiest pick for me of the week as the Eagles should steamroll the Saints in this one.  The biggest betting angle to look at here is the fact the led the NFL in rushing which goes nicely against the Saints' 19th-ranked defense in that part of the game.  In addition, it is well known that the Saints are paper tigers on the road, having gone 3-5 under that scenario this season as opposed to 8-0 at home.  The temperature will be brutal Saturday night in Philly with winds whipping. 
THE PICK:  Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5), UNDER 54

CINCINNATI BENGALS (-7) VS. San Diego Chargers:  Really the Chargers shouldn't be here as the refs absolutely bungled the Ryan Succop field goal last week.  However despite all that, the Chargers have new life which will help give them a boost in this one.  The Bengals have always played tight in the playoffs under Marvin Lewis, going 0-4 during his tenure.  Cincy has a potent passing game but Andy Dalton has tossed 20 interceptions this season which is a bit scary.  With snow expected for the game, 7 points is a ton to lay given the Bengals' shaky playoff history.
THE PICK:  San Diego Chargers (+7), OVER 47

San Francisco 49ers (-2.5) VS. GREEN BAY PACKERS:  We are talking about possible record lows with regards to the temperature for this game as the mercury could go as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit.  Wow.  No wonder the game was still not sold out on Thursday.  I really respect the 49ers and think they are the only team capable of knocking off the Seattle Seahawks but this is a very tough spot for them.  They have knocked off the Packers the last three times they have met however and have the running game with Frank Gore and the very good defense to win in the cold. 
THE PICK:  San Francisco (-2.5), UNDER 47

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