Thursday, January 9, 2014


So Lindy's came out with their annual fantasy baseball draft guide which you can purchase here on the homepage and on the cover they had their top ten listed.  Before I tear their top ten apart, here is how they saw it.

1.  Mike Trout
2.  Miguel Cabrera
3.  Andrew McCutchen
4.  Carlos Gonzalez
5.  Clayton Kershaw
6.  Paul Goldschmidt
7.  Ryan Braun
8.  Carlos Gomez
9.  Troy Tulowitzki
10. Robinson Cano

All right let me take a deep breath.  (SIGH)  Ok good now.  Let's get to work on this.  First off I have no issues with Trout getting the top spot and obviously Cabrera being number 2.  You can easily flip them and I also wouldn't object but Trout got the slight nod from this peanut stand due to his 5 category contributions and remaining ceiling.  Now is where it gets sticky.  Where the heck is Adam Jones?  I would take Jones over both CarGo and McCutchen.  The latter two are both 5 category studs but Jones is extremely durable which Gonzalez is not and is extremely consistent with his numbers while McCutchen goes up and down in some of the categories.  And than Clayton Kershaw in the top five?  Dominant pitcher no doubt and the best at what he does but no way any pitcher should go in the top ten.  You all know my rule for not drafting a pitcher until at least round 4 and honestly the starters go so deep this season that is it crazy. 

Moving right along, I agree with Paul Goldschmidt as a top five or 6 guy.  But Braun at number 7?  That is a HUGE leap of faith that Braun will hold his numbers off the steroids.  Remember that Braun's numbers were already more than a little off his stud pace last season before the suspension and he continues to deal with nagging injuries which go back to 2011 which can be blamed on the PED's.  I wouldn't touch Braun unless I could steal him in round 3 or 4 and even then I would be nervous.  Carlos Gomez is a guy I absolutely love but number 8 is a bit too high.  I do like him right outside the top 12 in a standard league which I hate to say since I won't be able to get him cheap like I have the last two seasons.  Than you have Tulowitzki at number 9 for them.  Great player and clearly the best shortstop but we are past the point where he should go in round 1 due to the fact he can't ever stay completely healthy.  He is guaranteed to go on the DL at least once and you have to hope that stint is on the short side which it wasn't last season.  You want to have as little risk as possible in Round 1 and Tulowitzki is as unsafe a pick as you can get that early.  Finally, Robinson Cano at number 10 is fine by me.  His numbers will go down after signing with Seattle and that rough ballpark but he still paces the second baseman and plays every game. 

So there you have it.  What do you think of their top ten?  Ridiculous or accurate?

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