Tuesday, January 7, 2014


We already took a look at the top 30 wide receivers for 2014 fantasy football so let's continue on with the next batch from 31-60.

31.  Reggie Wayne:  No telling how Wayne will come back from his torn ACL, especially at his age.  Volatile.
32. Steve Smith:  Another aging receiver who is increasingly dealing with injuries.  These usually make bad investments as they have nowhere to go but down in their production.
33. Hakeem Nicks:  Nicks no doubt has talent but his mind was not right all of 2013 as he seemed to avoid getting hit in order to cash in as a free agent.  I am tired of his act and so should you.
34. Cecil Shorts:  Shorts has been very underrated in his numbers the last two seasons but he doesn't score touchdowns and he faded badly down the stretch last season before getting hurt.
35. Mike Wallace:  Finished well in his first overpaid year for Miami but for now forget about Wallace reaching 80 catches and more than 7 or 8 scores.
36. Golden Tate:  Tate still has to find some more consistency before I can mark him as anything but a WR 3.
37.  Brian Hartline:  Not a fan even though I probably should rank him higher.  Just can't get excited about any Dolphins receiver. 
38. Harry Douglas:  This guy needs to be watched closely as I will move Douglas up to the top 20 if Roddy White is let go. 
39. Dwayne Bowe:  Career has taken a sharp downturn over the last three seasons which can't totally be blamed on the QB's since Alex Smith is now in town.
40. Greg Jennings:  If the Vikings can find even a decent QB before next season, Jennings has the ability to thrive like he did in Green Bay.
41. DeAndre Hopkins:  Big-play ability here but Andre Johnson's sizable presence stunts Hopkins' growth for the time being.
42. Rod Streater:  Solid player but Streater needs an improvement at QB for him to thrive even more.
43. Marlon Brown:  Caught 7 touchdowns as a rookie which was a bit eye-opening but the shaky Ravens passing attack is not something you want to invest much in.
44. Emmanuel Sanders:  Stepped up nicely as the number 2 receiver in Pittsburgh.
45. James Jones:  As long as Aaron Rodgers remains healthy, there is room for three Packers fantasy football wide receivers.
46. Cordarelle Patterson:  Likely will move him up more than a bit as we get closer to the team but the Viking QB situation is a joke.
47. Reuben Randle:  Nice sleeper value here as Randle is likely moving into the starting lineup in place of Nicks.
48. Brandon LaFell:  Could get a slight boost as Steve Smith ages.
49. Miles Austin:  Hamstring issues have continually dogged this guy's career.
50. Jarrett Boykin:  Prime backup guy in case any of the three Packers wideouts gets hurt.
51. Tavon Austin:  Was hardly used as a rookie which is a shame since the kid has massive potential. 
52. Nate Burleson:  Burleson did a nice job when on the field last season and not riding home with pizza.
53. Stevie Johnson:  Getting tired of this guy's up and down numbers and injuries.
54. Ace Sanders:  With Justin Blackmon no sure thing to ever be able to keep himself out of trouble, Sanders moves into the starting lineup.
55. Jeremy Kerley:  The only New York Jets receiver worth touching.
56. Marvin Jones:  The Bengals have been throwing more than ever and Jones was a TD asset last season.
57. Riley Cooper:  The 8 touchdowns were big but Cooper has to do better than 47 catches.
58. Malcolm Floyd:  Another guy who can't stay on the field despite some intriguing talent.
59. Cole Beasley:  The Cowboys have featured Beasley more and more.
60. Donnie Avery:  The Kansas City Chiefs proved to be a decent passing team last season so Avery holds some solid value as a backup guy who can do more if there injuries.

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