Monday, January 6, 2014


We finish finally with the final installment of fantasy football rankings by looking at how the wide receivers look with a quick eye toward 2014.

1.  Calvin Johnson:  Obviously.
2.  A.J.:  Green wins out in the race for the number 2 spot behind Johnson as he was top notch in catchers, receiving yards, and touchdowns.
3.  Dez Bryant:  The guy is a jerk but also a major talent. 
4.  Demaryuis Thomas:  Outproduced Brandon Marshall in two of the three key receiving categories which broke what looked like a dad heat.
5.  Brandon Marshall:  The arrival of Alshon Jeffery still didn't prevent Marshall from reaching the 100-catch plateau and with favorite QB Jay Cutler back in the fold, the signs are all good.
6.  Josh Gordon:  If only he had a decent QB.  Still anyone who can compile 1,646 yards and 9 scores with that ragtag Cleveland passing group has some serious skills.
7.  Antonio Brown:  Led the NFL in catches most of the season before getting passed late by Pierre Garcon.  A PPR monster. 
8.  Jordy Nelson:  With a fully healthy Aaron Rodgers next season, Nelson could be primed for a monster campaign.
9.  Andre Johnson:  The guy is still a receptions machine despite never hitting double-digits in touchdowns but age and injury are a worry and make him somewhat risky.
10. Alshon Jeffery:  Major bustout/big play guy who may only be scratching the surface.
11. Julio Jones:  On talent alone Jones is a top five guy but his injury history is very pronounced going back to his college days.
12. T.Y. Hilton:  One only has to look at Hilton's playoff performances in 2013 to understand how he could be the 2014 version of Josh Gordon.
13. Vincent Jackson:  A bit too volatile in his production every week but the bottom line numbers are borderline WR 1.
14. Wes Welker:  Believe me I love Welker but another big concussion could spell the end of his career.  Very dangerous investment all of a sudden despite the massive PPR potential.
15. Victor Cruz:  Took a slight step back in production last season before injuries ended things early and now may not have Hakeem Nicks to draw defenders to the other side.
16. Pierre Garcon:  Shocked that Garcon led the NFL in catches with 113 but he scored only five times and has a long injury history.
17. Michael Crabtree:  Could be very nice value as Crabtree's won't be drafted as high as he should given the fact he missed most of 2013 with injury.  His terrific postseason run should be a reminder of how dominant he can be. 
18. Julian Edelman:  I can't imagine Edelman catching 105 passes again if the Pats have all their players back healthy next season.  Also his 1,056 yards with all those catches speaks to his overall limitations.
19. Randall Cobb:  Was headed for big things before he got injured last season.  Like with Jordy Nelson, a healthy Aaron Rodgers means big things are ahead.
20. Eric Decker:  A free agent this offseason, Decker is looking at a pretty penny off another very good season that was not talked about much.  Would have his most value obviously with the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning.
21. Kendall Wright:  Lots of upside here as Wright's 94 catches last season show.  Very good sleeper candidate as most fantasy football owners don't see Wright for what he is yet.
22. Roddy White:  Almost had a completely bust season before turning it on in a major way the last month.  Still carries decent PPR value but 2013 could be a bad omen of what is to come as White ages.
23. Michael Floyd:  Yes I ranked Floyd ahead of Larry Fitzgerald.  Floyd is the bigger play receiver who looks primed for an Alshon Jeffery type of breakout.
24. Keenan Allen:  Best rookie receiver in 2013 hands down with 8 TD's and Philip Rivers already has him locked in as the number 1 guy in the passing game.
25. Torrey Smith:  Big plays are always thee but Smith has to do better than 65 receptions.
26. Marques Colston:  Colston has quietly had a very nice career but he could be looking at a downfall as more age and injuries come together.
27. Larry Fitzgerald:  The man did manage to catch 10 touchdowns but Fitzgerald is still a sizable way from his WR 1 days and getting older.
28. DeSean Jackson:  Sorry I am not a fan of his despite a career-high 82 catches last season.  An injury waiting to happen due to slight frame and I need to see him put 2013's numbers up again before I go all-in on him.
29. Percy Havin:  Very leery of Harvin who is coming off a hip injury and who was never a picture of health even before that ailment cropped up.  Hip injuries can be very debilitating for a receiver's career so this needs to be watched.
30.  Danny Amendola:  This is a vast drop for Amendola and it is warranted as he once again proved he can't ever stay healthy.  There is always big PPR potential here but until Amendola proves he can stay on the field, this is where he resides. 

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