Friday, January 3, 2014


Today we finally finish up the first look at the 2014 fantasy baseball starting pitching rankings by seeing who makes up the very low SP 5's or who are guys who can be streamed.

101. Matt Harrison:  Put up two decent seasons from 2011-12 but the bottom fell out in 2013 as injuries and BABIP adjustment showed what Harrison really is.  Which is only an SP 5.
102. Jeremy Hellickson:  Good luck trusting this guy in any one start.  Could get 7 inning of 1 earned run or 8-earned run two inning bomb.
103.  Brett Anderson:  Have been an Anderson apologist for years but no more now that he calls Colorado home and can't stay in one piece.
104. Felix Doubront:  Runs hot and cold but Doubront held his own as an SP 5 in a tough division.
105. Ryan Dempster:  Horrid season in 2013 could portend more bad to come as Dempster ages.  Should have stayed in the NL.
106. Scott Feldman:  Another guy who had the chance to stay in the NL but didn't which pretty ruins his middling value.
107. Josh Beckett:  Could be ready for April but Beckett's body started betraying him years ago and now his stuff is grossly diminished.
108. Trevor Cahill:  Ratios not the worst in the world but you strike out more guys.
109. Trevor Bauer:  Arm earned lots of hype in the minors but control about as bad as you can get. 
110. Paul Maholm:  Don't even think about it.
111. Phil Hughes:  Taking a flier on Hughes not the worst idea in the world since he now calls Target Field home which minimizes his biggest weakness which is home runs against.
112. Wandy Rodriguez:  Has been a lock SP 5 for years and nothing has changed. 
113. Aaron Harang:  Actually threw pretty well at times the last two seasons but fact he doesn't have job as of this writing shows there is not much excitement around the guy at this stage of his career.
114. Wily Peralta:  Started generating some excitement as he put some big time K games together last season but the overall results were still ugly. 
115. Jaime Garcia:  No thank you.  Even if he pitches for the St. Louis Cardinals.
116. Martin Perez:  Another guy you could take a flier on but the ballpark seriously limits the upside.
117. Tommy Milone:  Like with San Diego pitchers, an Oakland pitcher like Milone's numbers look better than he really is.
118. Jason Vargas:  Useful when he pitches at home only.
119. Nathan Eovaldi:  If soft-tossers who won't destroy your ERA and WHIP are concerned, than this guy is for you.
120. Edwin Jackson:  I think he is on his 22nd team this season.

There you have it.  Let us hear your thoughts.

Be sure to check back for more of the starting pitching rankings as we move forward through the week.  Let us hear your thoughts.

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