Saturday, January 11, 2014


Yesterday I tore apart the Lindy's top ten players for 2014 fantasy and today I will take a closer look at who the Sporting News included in their top 12 listed on the cover of their annual edition.  So without further delay let's see who made their list and in what order.

1.  Mike Trout
2.  Miguel Cabrera
3.  Paul Goldschmidt
4.  Andrew McCutchen
5.  Robinson Cano
6.  Chris Davis
7.  Carlos Gonzalez
8.  Joey Votto
9.  Clayton Kershaw
10. Adrian Beltre
11. Edwin Encarnacion
12. Prince Fielder

Overall this is actually not a bad list and is one that is similar to mine.  Again Trout and than Cabrera at the top seems to be the consensus followed by Goldschmidt.  Obviously no qualms about any of those guys.  Like with Lindy's, they have McCutchen ahead of CarGo and Adam Jones and also like Lindy's, there is no sign of Jones anywhere on this list which is wrong.  Still McCutchen's durability over Gonzalez at least gives him the nod.  Cano at 5 is way too high, especially after signing with Seattle but he is top 12 at least.  They included Chris Davis right behind Goldschmidt and ahead of Joey Votto which I had in my list.  CarGo comes next and even tough he had a no-show second half of 2013, he was the first half MVP.  Votto checks in next at number 8 but Edwin Encarnacion should be picked ahead of him.  Kershaw is your token pitcher and is listed at an all right number 9.  Adrian Beltre at number 10 is a reach.  Yes he has been extremely productive since leaving Seattle but he is now turning 36 and is a risk due to a dropoff which could be on the way.  They included Encarnacion at number 11.  Nice to see him get his due.  Finally Prince Fielder at number 12 is good.  I had him in my original top 12 and going to Texas will boost his numbers.  

Overall this top 12 was not bad.  Other than Adrian Beltre, I agree with all of the names on this list. 

Be sure to check back for more of the starting pitching rankings as we move forward through the week.  Let us hear your thoughts.

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