Thursday, January 9, 2014


                                                          Wilin Rosario

We continue along with our 2014 fantasy baseball Player Analyzer feature where we delve in deeper on a specific player in order to determine what he will provide numbers-wise for the upcoming season.  Today we look into the top tier of catcher and more specifically Colorado Rockies backstop Wilin Rosario who over the last two seasons has cemented himself as one of the very best hitters among his position.  At only 25 years old this season, Rosario is not even in his prime years yet which hints that there come be some more growth to come in his game.  Before we go any further let's take a closer look at his last two seasons which have generated quite a bit of excitement in the fantasy baseball world.

2012:  .270 28 HR 71 RBI 67 R 4 SB
2013:  .292 21 HR 79 RBI 63 R 4 SB

The fist thing that jumps out regarding Rosario is the power which is very tough to find among catchers.  Rosario has cleared the 20 home runs mark each of the last two seasons, with 2012's 28 looking very impressive indeed.  No doubt playing half his games at Coors Field boosts those numbers a bit but it is not as sharp a divide from home/road as you might think.  In his brief major league career, Rosario has hit 29 home runs at home and 23 on the road which means his power plays well at all locales.  And since he is still only 25 and growing into his body, Rosario has every right to boost the home runs back up to the 25 range again this season with a smaller possibility of more.  We could also easily see a boost in RBI into the 80 range as Rosario gets looked upon by the team to take charge more in that area.  As far as the runs are concerned, Rosario is likely to remain in the 60's range he has been at the last two seasons, with again a chance he could rise into the 70's.  Catchers are not known for scoring many runs so if Rosario gets into the 70's that is like in the 90's for other hitters.

Looking at the rest of Rosario's statistical package, the .292 he hit last season will have a very tough time being repeated for two reasons.  Once is that Rosario has a high K rate which is always murder on batting averages.  He struck out 109 times in only 449 at-bats.  In addition Rosario's .292 average was propped up by a lucky .344 BABIP.  Look for something more in the .275 range.  Finally Rosario has stolen four bases each of the last two seasons which is a small bonus.  Take what you could get in that area. 

When you combine all the numbers, Wilin Rosario is a top 3 or 4 catcher in my book for 2014 fantasy baseball.  He will battle it out with Carlos Santana and Brian McCann to be the second catcher off the board after Buster Posey is picked.  While Rosario's draft price continues to rise each season, he has clearly proved himself to be a very consistent pick if you choose to go that route in the early middle rounds of the draft this season.

2014 PROJECTION:  .276 25 HR 81 RBI 71 R 4 SB

Be sure to check back for more of the starting pitching rankings as we move forward through the week.  Let us hear your thoughts.

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