Saturday, January 25, 2014


                                                              Martín Prado

Sometimes a player in better in real life than in fantasy baseball and one such case in my opinion is Arizona Diamondbacks 2B/3B/outfielder Martin Prado.  Blessed with tremendous yearly versatility that allows Prado to play all over the field, his hitting is not too shabby either as evidenced by his career .293 batting average.  However when you break down all the numbers, perhaps the most valuable aspect of Prado is the fact he is eligible at three positions in 2014 fantasy baseball, with two being shallow in both second and third base.  With that said let's dig in a bit deeper and see what Prado could provide his prospective fantasy baseball owners this week.  As always before we go any further let's take a look at what Prado did in 2013 when it came to his numbers.

.282 14 HR 82 RBI 70 R 3 SB

As I noted earlier, Prado is a terrific pure hitter who is a lock to be in the .285-.310 range which of course is a very nice place to be in fantasy baseball terms.  However the rest of the overall package leaves you wanting as Prado just doesn't do anything else great.  Forget about steals as Prado has only once hit double-digits in stolen bases with an outlier 17 in 2012.  Consider that in his other five seasons, the most steals Prado has had were a grand total of five which is where he should be graded going forward especially as he continues to age.  Than there is the power which again Prado is not great at.  14 home runs plays well at second base no doubt but not at third base and not in the outfield.  Prado has hit between 11 and 15 home runs the last five seasons so we know he will end up in that neighborhood once again this season.  And the 82 RBI Prado yielded in 2013 was also clearly in outlier territory as his previous career-high was only 70 in 2012.  Knock that 82 to around 2012's 70 and that is where Prado is likely to be hanging around.  Finally as far as the runs were concerned, Prado has scored as many as 100 in a season and has fluctuated wildly in the past so anywhere from 70-100 is the target area. 

When you put it all together, Martin Prado works as a nice second base option but is much less as a third base or outfield stock.  There is something to be said for Prado's durability and consistency but the fact he doesn't light up any one category leaves you wishing he would provide more.  That is the kind of bat I really don't want on my roster.  Shoot higher than this.

2014 PROJECTION:  .293 15 HR 73 RBI 86 R 4 SB

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