Friday, January 17, 2014


We are almost through my first look at the 2014 fantasy baseball position players I like/hate more than you and today we go into the outfielder pool.  Let's get right to it.


Adam Jones/Carlos Gonzalez:  I grouped the two of these guys together because I would select BOTH over Andrew McCutchen which is not the prevailing trend going into drafting season.  I love Jones' utter consistency across the board the last two seasons while McCutchen's stats have fluctuated in the home run and steals categories.  In addition I always am loving CarGo and the extreme power/speed game he has.  As along as he stays healthy....which is asking a lot given his career trends.....he will finish with better numbers than both Jones and McCutchen.

Hunter Pence:  This guys just doesn't get the respect he deserves.  Quite possibly the most consistent hitter in fantasy baseball, you can write down in ink 25 home runs and 15 steals to go with a .285 average.  Yet Pence tends to slip in drafts every season.  Thank you very much.

Jayson Werth:  Here is the classic case of fantasy baseball owners buying into the fact Werth is overpaid and thus a bust of a player.  Well Werth has hit .300 and .318 the last two seasons and is coming off a 25 HR and 10 steal season.  Grossly undervalued and since you can get Werth for an outfielder 3 price tag, this is an easy winning investment.

Billy Hamilton:  Listen I will admit the average is shaky and there is no power to speed of but Hamilton could single-handedly lead your team in steals.  Bank on it. 

Coco Crisp:  Another criminally underrated outfielder who puts up very good power/speed/runs numbers when no one is paying attention. 


Ryan Braun:  I know a lot of people are aiming to draft Braun at a slight one round discount this season but I won't go near him.  Braun's stats were way off his per game averages early last season before he got suspended for the PED's and that tells me he was likely already off the juice.  In addition Braun has dealt with a TON of nagging day-to-day like injuries the last three seasons which no doubt was his body reacting to the juice.  We all saw how awful Melky Cabrera was when he came back the season after his PED bust and while Braun is am ore gifted player, he still is looking at a decent decline in numbers.  No thank you.

Giancarlo Stanton:  Listen I love the power as much as I do but I hate the ballpark, I hate the average, and I hate the utter lack of lineup protection.  All three issues are still in play for this season. 

Michael Bourn:  I put Bourn here because he is annually the first stolen base specialist drafted every season which his always a colossal mistake.  Not even getting into the shaky average and awful power numbers, stolen bases can be found EVERYWHERE on the wire for the cost of nothing but a free agent add.  Bourn is also aging and again I will argue to you to not drat a stolen base specialist until late.

Domonic Brown:  Sorry I am not buying completely into Brown's breakout 2013 season.  The power is very good no doubt but the average is headed for a steep drop given the fact Brown doesn't walk and he got lucky with his BABIP last season. 

Let us know who you like or hate more than me.

Be sure to check back for more of the starting pitching rankings as we move forward through the week.  Let us hear your thoughts.

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