Monday, January 20, 2014


                                                               Khris Davis

We all know how incredibly powerful and production Baltimore Orioles slugging 1B Chris Davis has become off his first 50-plus home run season.  A first round talent without debate.  However what about the other Chris Davis?  Or actually the other "Khris" Davis?  Yeah the one who will be given a prime chance to claim one of the spots in the Milwaukee Brewers' outfield this season and show off a potentially powerful bat.  The latter Khris Davis is still well off the fantasy baseball radar but that just means he serves as a nice sleeper candidate for drafts that will get underway soon.  With that said let's dig in and find out a little more on this version of the Chris/Khris Davis brand.

A former 7th round pick in the 2009 draft, Davis was not considered a top prospect in the team's system.  Davis took his time to find himself hitting wise but when he did, the power began to show in earnest.  After Davis made his MLB debut by sticking around for 16 games in April of last season, he failed to see May as the brewers sent him back down to Triple-A where he proceeded to go on a power hitting tear with 13 home runs in only 69 games played.  That earned Davis another trip to the big club in July and he stuck for the remainder of the season, hitting 11 total home runs with 27 RBI and batting .278.  Thus the stage is now set for Davis to build on that interesting debut and the Brewers are set to give him that chance. 
As far as what the numbers could look like, obviously power is the prime name of the game here.  With Miller Park being slanted toward power, Davis is in position to easily reach the 20 home run mark with the possibility of more.  In addition Davis takes walks which helps make up for shaky but not horrific K rate which means the average could sit around the .265-.275 mark which we can live with.  Finally, Davis has a bit of speed which makes him capable of swiping 10 or so bags.  We are not talking Carlos Gomez speed but the steals all count the same.  Put it all together and we have ourselves a very attractive power sleeper.

As I have said on numerous occasions, power is becoming a very rare commodity both in real and fantasy baseball.  Guys like Davis who come into a season under the radar but who have the ability to hit home runs are always bats to target.  While Davis could just as easily fame out in his first full-season look, he also could be a nice payoff selection this season.

2014 PROJECTION:  .271 23 HR 73 RBI 67 R 8 SB

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