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Needless to say, fantasy football owners of pretty much any Denver Broncos receiver not named Andre Caldwell had a very disappointing night Thursday against the game San Diego Chargers.  I went through that misery twofold in having both Eric Decker and Julius Thomas have quiet games which greatly sets me back in my semifinal game in the Experts League Fantasy Football playoffs.  Even Peyton Manning's numbers were down a bit as well which just happened to coincide with Wes Welker sitting out with a concussion.  With all that said let's take a closer look at all that went down in this game.

-Speaking of Manning, he did throw for two touchdowns and 289 yards with a pick.  Not a terrible night by any means but not a MANNING 2013 NIGHT.  Philip Rivers on the other hand threw two more touchdowns himself but only 166 yards as the Chargers typically played a run-heavy game in order to keep Manning and company off the field.  Needless to say it worked to perfection.  At the very least those who are playing Manning in the playoffs this week had to be happy with his numbers not burying them right off the bat.

-Speaking of the San Diego running game, Ryan Matthews kept up his stellar play since the middle of October by running for 127 yards on 29 carries and 1 touchdown.  He worked in conjunction with receiving back Danny Woodhead to keep the chains and the clock moving.  Woodhead only caught one pass for 13 yards but he rushed for 29 on 9 carries. 

On the other side, Knowshon Moreno could be lumped in with his receivers as far as having a tough night.  Moreno rushed for only 19 yards on 8 carries but helped in he receiving game with 5 catches for 36 yards.  Not enough to move the needle though.  And if you took a chance on Montee Ball in standard leagues?  Yikes!  Only -1 yard on 3 carries.  He did catch 5 balls for 49 yards but the huge zero on the ground marred his night.

-Getting to the Denver receivers, I told you all to pick up Caldwell who was going to man the slot in Welker's place.  Well Caldwell was tremendous in catching 6 passes for 59 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Tremendous outing in a pinch.  Unfortunately the love didn't extend to anyone else.  Consider these numbers:

Demaryuis Thomas:  4 catches for 45 yards

Eric Decker:  2 catches for 42 yards

Julius Thomas:  4 catches for 49 yards

Jacob Tamme:  1 catch for 9 yards

Not one of those players scored and Julius Thomas in particular annoyed me since he caught 3 balls in the first quarter and none afterwards.  And Decker went back to his up one week/down one week mode.  Frustrating night all the way around to say the least.

-Now we get to the incredible Keenan Allen.  The hands down top rookie receiver in fantasy football caught two more touchdown passes Thursday night which gives him 4 in the last two games.  Allen overall caught only those 2 passes for 29 yards but there is nothing bad to say here.  Best pickup of the year.

There you have it.  As always let us hear your thoughts.

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