Monday, December 30, 2013


With the 2013 fantasy football season in the books, let's take our first very early look at the 2014 QB rankings as we go through all the positions before we put things to bed for awhile.

1.  Peyton Manning:  55 touchdown passes and 5,477 yards.  Allow that to sink in all offseason.  Wow.
2.  Aaron Rodgers:  Yeah this past season was a bit rough with injury and not having the Packers QB for the playoff weeks but on talent alone Rodgers is still as good as it gets.
3.  Drew Brees:  Eventually age will take a toll as Brees turns 35 but so far there are no signs of slippage.  Playing in a Dome and in a West Coast system helps.
4. Nick Foles:  This is not a misprint.  Foles proved a natural for Chip Kelly's system and a 27/2 TD/INT ratio says it all.
5.  Tony Romo:  Will likely be undervalued again but not by me.  Give the guy his due already.
6.  Matt Ryan:  I will likely wind up with Ryan again next season as his price slipped due to the injuries around the Falcons offense.  This passing attack can be extremely explosive though so take advantage of the discount.
7.  Tom Brady:  Brady is getting up there now in age and with Rob Gronkowski no sure bet to ever stay healthy,  the 25 TD's he tossed last season are more where he stays now instead of his days in the 30's.
8. Andrew Luck:  Look for yet more improvement by this future star. 
9.  Philip Rivers:  Rivers proved to be a sweet bargain in 2013 as he proved he is not done yet with 4.478 yards and 32 touchdowns.  Loves the Mike Riley system.
10. Matthew Stafford:  The guy was terrific all season until December when he decided to throw more to the other team than his own receivers.  Extremely dependent on Calvin Johnson staying healthy which is always dicey.
11. Cam Newton:  You all like him more than me.  Terrific athlete and player but the fantasy football numbers don't match up with many of the guys listed earlier in this list.
12. Russell Wilson:  The guy has a knack for touchdowns which is all that matters in most leagues despite a middling yardage total.  Also ran for more than 500 yards last season which is not to be overlooked.
13. Andy Dalton:  A guy I like more than you.  On paper had a career-year with 33 touchdowns and 4,296 yards.  However the 20 touchdowns led to more than a few hair pulling moments.  Tremendous weaponry at Dalton's disposal.
15. Ben Roethlisberger:  Few realize how good Big Ben was in 2013 as he threw 28 touchdowns due to the Steelers missing the playoffs.  I have been a critic in the past but the Steelers are now clearly a passing offense which has me selling off on an investment. 
16. Colin Kaepernick:  Lots of flash last season and in Week 1 this season but not so much from that point on.  Overrated by many which I said was the case last summer.
17. Ryan Tannehill:  Showed marked improvement in his second full season with 23 touchdowns and he too can help a bit on the ground.
18. Jay Cutler:  Never a fan due to interception-heavy ways and injuries.  Also a free agent whose new locale is imperative as far as projecting his future.
19. Mike Glennon:  Quietly had a terrific rookie season.  Has nice weapons around him and a cannon arm.  Good value.
20. Carson Palmer:  Not a guarantee Palmer is back with Arizona next season but if he doesn't get released, a carbon copy of 2013 is likely.
21. Robert Griffin III:  Hope you all listened when I told to stay far away from Griffin last season.  His skills look a bit diminished and his attitude is horrible.  Move on.
22. Alex Smith:  Solid and steady but never lights up the stat sheet.
23. Eli Manning:  Listen Eli Manning is not nearly as bad as he looked all of 2013.  Sure he throws interceptions but the Giants didn't block for him one bit.  Look for a decent rebound.
24. Joe Flacco:  Never a numbers guy to begin with which means he is not someone who wasn't to invest in next season.
25. Sam Bradford:  Saw some good things out of Bradford before he got hurt but time is running out.
26. E.J. Manuel:  Some potential here but Manuel has a long way to go before we try this.

There you have it.  As always let us hear what you think.  Post your thoughts below.  Let us get a debate going on all of this.


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