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We haven't forgotten the rest of the position rankings in our very early look at the 2014 fantasy baseball season.  Up next we bring you the always shallow shortstop options where there are some potentially nice values.  Also as always if you haven't purchased the 2014 Fantasy Sports Boss Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide, be sure to do so by using the BUY NOW tab at the top of the homepage.

1.  Troy Tulowitzki:  On talent alone Tulo is easily a first round pick.  Unfortunately he can't go a season without at least one DL stint which means don't buy until Round 2 at the earliest.  Classic case of loving the player but not his health.
2.  Hanley Ramirez:  Went back to his stud first round hitting ways last season after finally make it back from massive first half injury issues.  Again like with Tulo, on talent along HanRam is a first round talent.  Also once again, we advise trying to get Ramirez as a late round or optimally as a third rounder given the heath risk.
3.  Ian Desmond:  Mode of consistency and durability.  Has 20/20 ability and actually is the best value of the top guys.  This is my guy all the way.  If I can't get Desmond than I want for one of the value plays I will discuss below.
4.  Jean Seguara:  The one caveat to the statement about Desmond is how much I love Segura after he was my pickup of the year in both Experts Leagues.  I have the feeling Segura's is going to be fought for among all fantasy baseball owners which means he could be priced out of my range.
5.  Jose Reyes:  Done with Reyes as he is now past the age of 30, his steals are sliding, and his injury worries will only get worse.
6.  Billy Hamilton:  Yeah I might be overranking him but the current plan is for the Reds to make Hamilton their leadoff guy.  We could be looking at 100 stolen bases and maybe even more which is crazy to think.  Could own the steals category by himself and there is a ton of value in that.
7.  Elvis Andrus:  Every season I tell you how overrated Andrus is but yet he still gets picked in the fifth round.  Only a plus in steals and runs which makes Andrus a big negative for where he is picked. 
8.  J.J. Hardy:  Uncanny power here but no speed to speak of.  Still Hardy is annually underrated.  If you can boost steals at other positions, than don't hesitate to go here.
9.  Andrelton Simmons:  I like Simmons more than most but there is a ton of potential here.  Pop is solid and Simmons has very good speed which will show up in the steals category soon.
10. Jurickson Profar:  Didn't do much as a rookie but this post-hype sleeper could pay off for those who give him another chance.  Will also have second base eligibility.
11. Asdrubal Cabrera:  Now settling into boring veteran territory.  Not as good as his 2011 season but still you could get 15 homers and 15 steals for a nice draft price.
12. Ben Zobrist:  We all love the versatility but Zobrist saw his numbers slide noticeably last season and he is now 32.  Trending in the wrong direction.
13. Alexei Ramirez:  Credit to Ramirez who has re-invented himself on the fly as a very good stolen base guy. 
14. Martin Prado:  Nice average and solid pop.  Like with Zobrist he qualifies everywhere.  Limited upside though.
15. Everth Cabrera:  Coming off a PED suspension which is always a no-go for me. 
16. Nick Franklin:  Sleeper alert.  Love the power/speed potential.  Even in Seattle.
17. Jimmy Rollins:  Don't even think about it.  Will be completely shot as soon as this season. 
18. Starlin Castro:  Colossal bust last season and this one is puzzling.  Looked like a future star at 20 and now looks like a bust at 23.  Something not right.
19. Jhonny Peralta:  Another one coming off PED suspension and getting older.  Decent pop but who knows how much of that was enhanced.
20. Jed Lowrie:  Veteran guy who is always hurt but he did play well last season.  Only a bench option.
21. Erick Aybar:  Can steal a base or two and score runs. 
22. Jose Iglesias:  Did better than anyone could have anticipated as a rookie in the pennant race last season but he is mostly an empty average.
23. Derek Jeter:  Move on.
24. Stephen Drew:  When you are lauded for his defense, you have really no place in fantasy baseball.
25. Zack Cozart:  Can hit some home runs but that is about it.

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