Wednesday, December 25, 2013


We are through the top 40 outfielders for 2014 fantasy baseball so let's move to see who made the list from 41-60. 

41. Adam Eaton:  Gets new starts in Chicago and remember he was a popular sleeper last season before injuries derailed his season. 
42. Nate McLouth:  Right now looking at fourth outfielder status but one injury or trade of Denard Span changes dynamic for the better.  Very good speed and some pop to go along for the ride.
43. Dexter Fowler:  Been waiting forever for the guy to realize his potential and the Rockies won't wait no more.  Loses much of his appeal going from hitting park to neutral one in Houston.
44. Eric Young Jr.  No one would guess Young Jr. led the National League in steals.  Major speed guy who could easily pass the 40 mark again.
45. Norichika Aoki:  Liked him more before last season but Aoki can give you 8-10 home runs with 25 steals and a .280 average.  Works as an outfielder 3.
46. Torii Hunter:  The guy doesn't get old.  Hunter was very good again in 2013 with contributions everywhere but steals. 
47. Marlon Byrd:  Can't buy into the 24 home runs at the age of 36 and off a PED suspension.  However Byrd went to the right ballpark in Philly to sustain that mark.
48. Colby Rasmus:  I refuse to ever draft the guy again but those who are so inclined will point to the home run ballpark.  You can have him.
49. Raul Ibanez:  Shocked everyone and his mother with 29 home runs at 41.  Chop about 10 of those homers off for this season and that looks right.
50. Michael Bourn:  Been calling him overrated for years and Bourn really helped that argument along with awful 2013 season.  Average is never great, home runs in past were fluky, and speed is fading.
51. Ben Zobrist:  Keep him in the infield.
52. Martin Prado:  Same deal as Zobrist.
53. Nick Swisher:  Boring as hell to own but you can write down 20 home runs and 80 RBI in ink.
54. Andre Ethier:  Career has really taken a dive.  Looking at fourth outfielder status for now but with Matt Kemp always hurt Ethier should get enough at-bats to stay relevant.
55. Carl Crawford:  I wouldn't pick him up even if he was sitting there on waivers.  Nothing but an injury mess with vastly shot skills.
56. Angel Pagan:  Does decent enough when on the field but Pagan screams out fourth outfielder.
57. Nate Schierholtz:  Can hit some home runs and collect some RBI but that's the end of the story.
58. Josh Reddick:  Nailed it before last season when I said there was no way Reddick would repeat 2012 due to his vast K rate.  Yup.
59. Leonys Martin:  I am going to look to Martin as my cheap speed source this season.  Could go off for 50 if all breaks right.
60. Avisail Garcia:  Potential here and name not recognized by all which could mean a major late round investment.

There you have it.  As always type your thoughts below.

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