Monday, December 23, 2013


We continue on with our first look at the 2014 fantasy baseball outfielder rankings by expanding into the next batch from 21-40. 

21. Matt Holliday:  Just when we tried to write him off, Holliday responded with a 22 HR/94 RBI/103 R season which would have been better without a DL stay.  Aging and speed is evaporated so there still is danger.
22. Allen Craig:  Has more value in the outfielder than at first base as he doesn't have the top end pop to say at the latter spot.
23. Starling Marte:  Terrific value play last season and comparisons to Carlos Gomez not far off after hitting 12 home runs and stealing 41 bases.  Could improve even more.
24. Carlos Beltran:  Taking his lefty power swing which will keep Beltran as an outfielder 2 for another season.
25. Curtis Granderson:  His days of 40 home runs are finished now that Granderson has signed with the New York Mets.  Strikeouts shooting way up and speed fading.  Lots of bad signs.
26. Alfonso Soriano:  Still has very good power and actually played like a low end outfielder 1 during his half season with the Yankees in 2013.  Full season with the Yanks in 2014 could once again net 30 home runs. 
27. Michael Cuddyer:  You never are thrilled to draft him but Cuddyer hit .331 with 20 home runs in his first season in Colorado. 
28. Alex Gordon:  It looks like his 2011 breakout was a bit of an outlier as Gordon's power and steals have not come close to that season since.  Solid contributor across the board though and price getting cheaper.
29. Nelson Cruz:  Coming off PED suspension, speed has vanished, and average never great.  Curtis Granderson without the stains.
30. Austin Jackson:  I am likely going to drop Jackson down more the next time you read this as his career is going in the wrong direction when he should be in his prime seasons.  The loss of steals is tough to understand.
31. Desmond Jennings:  Not developing the way we thought he would as a power/speed star.  While Jennings has the ability to swipe 30 bags and hit 12-15 home runs, and awful K rate and shaky average are the clear holes in his game.
32. Jayson Werth:  Believe it or not Werth has actually turned into a nice value as it seems no one ever wants him and all he does is continue to hit for power and steal bases with an improving average.
33. Shane Victorino:  Resurrected himself in his first season with Boston.  Offseason thumb surgery a concern. 
34. Brett Gardner:  Loses his leadoff spot which is a big negative and steals are dropping. 
35. Josh Hamilton:  Called that 2013 bust season.  It is only going to continue to get ugly.
36. Will Venable:  Another guy who took some time to break out like Gomez and Gordon.  Few knew the guy went 20/20 last season.
37. Alejandro De Aza:  Two nice seasons in a row now for De Aza who can do a little of everything.
38. Coco Crisp:  Back in Oakland for another season but 2013 saw increase in pop and drop in steals which could be the new trend given his age.
39. Adam Dunn:  Power still great but that is the only stat you get out of this.
40. Evan Gattis:  Keep him at catcher as he plays best at that spot.

There you have it.  As always let us hear your thoughts.

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