Thursday, December 26, 2013


We continue along with our first look at the 2014 fantasy baseball outfielder rankings as we go way deep in looking at numbers 61-80.

61. Matt Joyce:  There is no question that Joyce can be a nice help to your team the first half of the season as long as you sit him versus lefties.  Always fades out in the second half though so send him on his way beforehand.
62. B.J. Upton:  This might look like an overly harsh ranking but really Upton was just about the worst performing player in the game when you factor in salary during last season.  Insane K rate, eroding steals, and truly horrific average makes him more of a hurt than a help.
63. Ryan Raburn:  Will be in a platoon with David Murphy but had a very nice 2013 season with his pop.
64. Garrett Jones:  Still carries 1B/outfielder eligibility and is one of the more cheaper sources of 20-home run power in the game.
65. Cody Ross:  Can't seem to stay healthy to show off a decent home run swing.  Getting older too.
66. Denard Span:  Really is the classic player who is better in real life than in fantasy baseball since he does nothing great.
67. Chris Young:  Has quiet power/speed skills but like with B.J. Upton, average is a joke and he goes to a rough ballpark.
68. Ryan Ludwick:  Could fall into 20 home runs in his sleep but that is about all he can offer.
69. Michael Brantley:  Same deal here as with Span.
70. Rajai Davis:  Always love the steals but that truly is the only thing Davis can contribute and he will be in a timeshare with Andy Dirks.
71. Logan Morrison:  On a per game basis Morrison has interesting power but he hasn't been useful since 2011.
72. Chris Denorfia:  Sorry but I can't go crazy recommending any Padres hitter.
73. Gerardo Parra:  Surprised in playing better than one would think last season as Parra offers up some light power and solid speed.
74. A.J. Pollock:  Interests me as a late round flier as Pollock shows decent pop and speed as a leadoff guy.
75. Jarrod Dyson:  Even I was surprised to see Dyson had stolen 34 bags last season.  Have to see what the arrival of Norichika Aoki does to his status.
76. Lucas Duda:  Wasted of a pick if you go here.  No improvement made from Duda the last two seasons.  Only the occasional homer here.
77. Jordan Schafer:  Pretty much like most guys in this area code in that Schafer does one thing well (steals) and is shaky elsewhere.
78. Darin Ruf:  Can never depend on Ryan Howard staying healthy which will give Ruf another chance to show his power.
79. Ichiro Suzuki:  Right now needs a trade to get out of his fourth outfielder status on Yankees.
80. Daniel Nava:  Word is Nava could lead off for the Red Sox this season.  No speed at all but Nava has 15 homer pop.

There you have it.  Let us hear your thoughts below.

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