Thursday, December 19, 2013


Been more than a month since we updated the fantasy football running back rankings.  Here is our last installment until the season is complete.

1.  Jamaal Charles:  Has completely fulfilled all my summer optimism.  In the running for overall fantasy football MVP.
2.  Matt Forte:  Owning the receiving game once again among running backs and running numbers excellent.  With no goal-line handcuff Forte has fully achieved his vast potential this season.
3.  LeSean McCoy:  A bit up and down the second half of the season but bottom line numbers terrific.
4.  Marshawn Lynch:  Continues to get better the older he gets.
5.  Adrian Peterson:  Injuries in December stunted what was looking like a monster finish.  Getting up there in age though.
6.  Eddie Lacy:  One of the better rookie seasons we have seen in awhile.  Monster power back who showed decent hands.
7. Zac Stacy:  Would have been in the rushing title picture if he had started in September and not October.
8.  Alfred Morris:  Started slowly but Morris was quietly as good as he was in his awesome rookie season.  Still can't catch a cold.
9.  Reggie Bush:  Has been a big time weapon both in the running and receiving game for the Lions but continues to be seemingly a game-time decision every week.
10. DeMarco Murray:  Led the NFL in yards per carry and catches a boatload of passes.  If Murray ever can play 16 games he would be with the top three guys in numbers.
11. Giovani Bernard:  You hear it here first.  Bernard will be a first round pick in 2015.
12. Arian Foster:  Aging and injuries a major problem now.
13. Ray Rice:  Not aging like Foster but had awful 2013 amid worries his slight frame is giving out.
14. Ryan Matthews:  Was terrific from the middle of October on.  You know after he got past his annual injuries.
15. Doug Martin:  Was pretty awful and was headed for bust season before he got hurt.  Needs to prove himself again.
16. Frank Gore:  Doesn't catch passes anymore but still running well.  Age means a Steven Jackson dropoff could come quickly.
17. Knowshon Moreno:  Scored a bunch of touchdowns in the high-powered Denver offense but Montee Ball was taking over a lot of his workload as the season went on.
18. Montee Ball:  Is looking like a big time runner and even showed he can catch the football some. 
19. Rashad Jennings:  See you later Darren McFadden.  This is now Jennings' show in Oakland.
20. C.J. Spiller:  Can't ever stay healthy.  Talent is immense but doesn't have any kind of consistency.
21. Andre Brown:  Played very well when on the field in 2013 but has to stop with the leg injuries.
22. Shane Vereen:  Those in PPR formats need to be all over this receptions machine.
23. Le'Veon Bell:  Very good receiver but the running has to get a bit better.
24. Pierre Thomas:  I bet you didn't know that Thomas caught a ton of passes this season.  Works well in the Saints' offense in that respect.
25. Darren Sproles:  See above.
26. Danny Woodhead:  Another sizable PPR weapon.
27. Stevan Ridley:  The guy can run but fumbling had him nailed to the bench.  Could use  a trade.
28. Steven Jackson:  I won't touch him anymore.  Way too old and numbers are slipping quick.
29. Maurice Jones-Drew:  Completely washed up.
30. Chris Johnson:  Going to get cut and deserves it after awful season.
31. Donald Brown:  Could now be the featured back in Indy after Trent Richardson had one of the biggest bust seasons in years.
32. Chris Ivory:  Always a ton of volatility with Ivory due to his injuries.
33. Fred Jackson:  Still running well but the Bills want Spiller to be the guy.
34. Lamar Miller:  Wasted season as he never broke out like we thought he could.
35. Rashard Mendenhall:  Useless and aging. 

There you have it.  Let us hear your thoughts.

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