Thursday, December 26, 2013


We already discussed our 2013 fantasy football All Pro team a few days ago and the flip side of that is the All Bust team.  Players that failed to come close to their expected level of performance whether through injury, slumps, or a combination of the two.  Let's see who ruined more teams this season.

QB (3)

Robert Griffin III/Colin Kaepernick/Aaron Rodgers:  Correctly called both Griffin and Kaepernick busts before the season as they both went along with the script.  Both guys grossly underperformed from what was expected, while Rodgers makes the list simply for being absent for the most crucial weeks of the season due to injury.  Was all set to put Andrew Luck here until a nice finish.

RB (3)

Ray Rice/Arian Foster/C.J. Spiller/Doug Martin:  I was right on with my bust picks this season as I also wrote preseason pieces telling you all to avoid Foster and Spiller.  Foster worried me due to declining yards per carry and a very heavy workload the previous few seasons while Spiller was a guy I never envisioned being able to handle a full allotment of carries.  Meanwhile Rice shocked me at how awful he was from start to finish.  He could be looking at an early fade to his career due to his slight and stocky build taking a lot of pounding.  Yes I included a fourth runner in Martin as it was impossible not to include him since he played poorly before being lost for the season with a shoulder issue.

WR (5)

Julio Jones/Danny Amendola/Reggie Wayne/Mike Wallace/Roddy White:  Tough year to be a Falcons wide receiver as both Jones and White made the list.  Jones was put on like with Reggie Wayne due to missing the majority of the season with injury, while White himself was hobbled all year and played poorly when in the lineup.  He did finish strong however but by that time his original owners likely cut him loose and saw someone else benefit from that run.  Meanwhile I also called both Amendola and Wallace preseason busts and they came through in a major way with the former dealing with more injuries and the latter having issues connecting with a very young passer.

TE (2)

Jason Witten/Rob Gronkowski:  Yeah Witten caught 8 touchdowns but his 61 receptions were a vast drop in numbers which could be a sign he is aging.  Meanwhile Gronkowski was very good in the month that he played but he missed 3/4's of the season with more injuries. 

K (1)

Garrett Harley:  You would think investing in a kicker in one of the best offenses in the NFL would be profitable but Hartley destroyed that notion by getting cut last week.

DEF (1)

Dallas Cowboys:  With so many big games on this unit, they were historically bad.  Nothing good to say at all about this awful group.

There you have it.  Let us hear your thoughts below.

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