Tuesday, November 26, 2013


For some leagues this is the last week of regular season games before the playoff weeks start.  So with that said here is the list of fantasy football Week 13 ADDS/DROPS for these crucial games.

Montee Ball:  Ball is expected to get the start if Knowshon Moreno can't make it back from the deep bone bruise in leg Sunday despite losing a fumble that earned him a seat on the bench Sunday night.  Ball has been the recent goal-line back for the Broncos and has done the job successfully.  In addition he has started to catch the football out of the backfield as well which adds another dimension to his game.

Brandon Bolden:  Stevan Ridley is likely back in the doghouse after losing yet another fumble Sunday night which opens the door for Bolden to take on more responsibility.  Bolden ran the football well in Ridley's place Sunday and scored a touchdown.  In addition Bolden is a more accomplished receiver than both Ridley and LeGarrette Blount who also lost a fumble Sunday night.  There is no guarantee Bolden gets the starting gig this week but it is worth the add to find out.

Jacob Tamme:  This is a hedge bet in case Julius Thomas can't come back this week from his knee injury.  The Broncos have said publicly they expect Thomas to return but nothing is ever guaranteed of course on the injury front.  Tamme went right back into hold habits as a trusted Peyton Manning outlet Sunday night in catching 5 balls which included one for a score. 

Miami Defense:  It is likely the Dolphins defense is lurking on your waiver wire and now would be the week to make the add since they play the New York Jets and turnover-prone QB Geno Smith tis week.  Smith has thrown for a grand total of 1 TD and 10 INT's in his last four games.  Yikes.

Michael Crabtree:  We were admittedly a little late on this but Crabtree is set to return form his torn ACL in Week 13.  Crabtree lit it up with QB Colin Kaepernick last season when the latter became the starter and there is no doubt the two will look to re-kindle that work going forward the rest of the season.

Lamar Miller:  I hate to even hint at recommending this gigantic bust but Daniel Thomas is out for the season with a torn ACL so the job is all to Miller's now.  That is what Miller's fantasy football owners were looking for all season but failed to get due to the refusal to not have Thomas as the goal-line back by the coaching staff.  Be that as it may Miller has run the ball horribly this season so we can't get too crazy with this.

Benny Cunningham:  There was no status update on St. Louis Rams RB Zac Stacy Monday after he suffered a concussion in the second half of the team's win over the Chicago Bears.  That means Cunningham is a must own handcuff for Stacy owners.  The kid did great in Stacy's place last Sunday by rushing for 109 yards on 13 carries and netting a touchdown. 


Darren McFadden:  Rashad Jennings has been better than even I had anticipated and so you can forget about Darren McFadden reclaiming the starting role.  In fact word is that if McFadden returns to the lineup this week from his hamstring injury, he will serve as the change of pace back.  That my friends is a fantasy football death sentence.

DeAndre Hopkins:  Hopkins was a nice early story but since September ended he has been nothing but a space-eater not worth starting.  The Texans have been a complete joke this season and the offense as a whole has been swallowed up with the rest of the mess that is the franchise in its current state.

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