Monday, November 25, 2013


Playoff weeks loom in 2013 fantasy football so let's get to all the newsworthy items coming out of yesterday's 1:00 games.

-Ben Roethlisberger stayed hot Sunday throwing two more touchdown passes and 217 yards.  Big Ben has been locked in the last month with 7 TD's in his last three games.  The Steelers have been more of a passing outfit than ever and so rolling with Roethlisberger as your starter into the playoffs could work. 

Of course benefitting greatly from this new passing mantra for the Steelers is wideout Antonio Brown who continued his amazing season with 6 catches for 92 yards and a touchdown.  Nothing bad to say here at all.  It is likely most Brown owners have already snagged a playoff spot.  In addition don't look now but Emmanuel Sanders has looked like he has graduated into a near WR 2 after another nice game Sunday when he caught 6 balls of his own for 52 yard and a touchdown.

-How about Josh Gordon?  Geez his performance Sunday defied explanation as he grabbed 14 balls for an insane 237 yards and a touchdown.  I noted this yesterday and will say it again.  If Gordon played with even a decent QB, he could be a top five guy.  Seriously.

-Mike Glennon as your every week fantasy football starting QB?  We are getting close to that point if we haven't already as the latest gem from N.C. State (Russell Wilson) has now upped his ratios to 13 touchdowns and only 4 picks after not getting the job until October.  Glennon has a nice arsenal of weapons led by Vincent Jackson who went right back to his hot one week and cold one week trend by catching only 2 balls for 61.  His new toy was Tiquan Underwood who caught two touchdowns among his 3 grabs for 108.  Now don't run out and grab Underwood as this was just one of those random bustout games from a no-name guy.  However getting back to Glennon, the fact he spreads the ball around so much speaks volumes about his rapid development.  I like him a lot and already am looking at him as a value play fantasy football QB for the next season.

-As an owner of Matthew Stafford, you got to live with the bad from time to time through all the good he brings.  Stafford thinks he can make every throw which he technically can since he has the strongest arm in the NFL.  However it gets him into the same type of trouble we used to see out of Brett Favre.  I am talking about interceptions of course as Stafford ruined a pretty decent 3 TD day with 4 picks.  Two were deflections but the bottom line is that Stafford's day should have been better than what it ended up being.

-Told you all to pick up Nate Burleson and start him in his first game back.  What happened?  He catches 7 balls for 77 yards and a score.  Why you ever go to another fantasy site is beyond me.

-The Bobby Rainey Show came crashing back down to earth after he rushed for only 35 yards on 18 carries. 

-Adrian Peterson got back into monster mode Sunday by rushing for 146 yards on 32 carries and 1 score.  Peterson is kind of just THERE as a guy who is so consistently good there is not much to talk about.  Like with Miguel Cabrera in fantasy baseball.

-Eddie Lacy is showing Trent Richardson how to go from Alabama to instant fantasy football star.  Lacy continued his renaissance rookie season by rumbling for 110 yards on 25 carries and a score.  One thing I failed to mention before Aaron Rodgers got hurt.  Lacy's awesome development has actually hurt Rodgers' bottom line numbers overall since he no longer has to throw as often.  Remember earlier in the season how Rodgers had those pedestrian yardage and TD games?  Look no further than Lacy as the reason why.  Great for winning games in January but no fantasy football ones. 

-Jarrett Boykin looks like a star to me.  Despite James Jones returning to the lineup, Boykin has continued to excel.  The latest was catching 5 balls for 60 yards and a touchdown Sunday.  Jones himself was good leading the team with 7 catches for 80 yards while Jordy Nelson was left out of the fun with only 3 grabs for 58 yards.  Not sure if having Matt Flynn is a boost to these three but at the very least Boykin looks here to stay.

-Cordarelle Patterson was a big play guy coming out of college and after taking some time to fimd his bearings, has looked the part in the NFL after he caught 8 balls for 54 yards Sunday.  This is more of a PPR play right now obviously since Christian Ponder is not fond of throwing down the field however.

-Wow the Kansas City Chiefs defense did a complete 180 on us.  After clearly topping the charts among all defenses the first half of the season under a hail of sacks, the Chiefs defense has been abominable the last three weeks.  They gave up an ungodly 41 points to the Chargers Sunday which at least in the Experts League meant -9 points for me.  -9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  With both Tamba Hali and Justin Houston hurt, they are looking droppable.  The also have Denver up next week.  Yikes.

-Jamaal Charles was terrific Sunday in rushing for 115 yards on only 14 carries and 2 scores.  He also chipped in 4 catches for 42 yards in an outing that only Matt Forte and LeSean McCoy are capable of. 

-Starting to really regret trading away Keenan Allen (although it helped net me McCoy).  Allen has been by far the top rookie receiver in the NFL and fantasy football this season as the third round pick out of Cal caught 9 balls for 124 yards Sunday in his latest gem. 

-Zac Stacy owners such as yours truly had a range of emotions Sunday.  Once again Stacy was tearing it up in rushing for 87 yards on only 14 carries and a score.  Than the dreaded concussion ended things early.  This is scary with the playoff weeks approaching.  Cross your fingers that its only a mild one. 

-It was Brandon Marshall's turn to star for the Chicago Bears' passing game Sunday as he caught 10 balls for 117 yards and a touchdown.  Alshon Jeffrey was the star last week but this time managed only 4 balls for 42 yards.  With Josh McCown under center, it is likely these two will alternate big games. 

-Back to the gutter for Ray Rice but this was predictable going against the top-ranked New York Jets run defense.  Rice managed only 30 yards on 16 carries and one catch for -1 yard.  Ugh.

-The Case Keenum Story is not ending well either.  No touchdowns against the Jacksonville Jaguars defense is unforgivable.  Move on.

-Typical that Cecil Shorts had a big game in catching 8 balls for 71 yards.  Usually when a star receiver pops off about not getting the football, they have a big game the next time out.

There you have it.  Let us hear your thoughts.

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