Tuesday, November 26, 2013



Colin Kaepernick is getting hot at the right time of the season while those who own any Washington Redskins might want to think about planting their fannies squarely onto the bench.  Let's take a look at the fantasy football storylines coming out this game.

-Speaking of Kaepernick, he was splendid in throwing for 235 yards and three touchdowns which marks the second straight big time.  To make matters even more optimistic, Kaepernick will welcome back his favorite target from last season, WR Michael Crabtree, next week.  It has been a lot of rough patches to get to this point for Kaepernick fantasy football owners.....even if they even still own the guy outright....but it looks like the playoff weeks could be kind.

On the other side things are going from bad to worse for Robert Griffin III.  Amid questions he has been calling out players in public and is feuding with Mike Shanahan, Griffin was a dog Monday night in throwing for only 127 yards and 1 INT.  Granted the 49ers defense is rough but Griffin has been garbage all season unless it is garbage time.  Don't even think of starting him in any game of meaning the rest of the season.

-Frank Gore has been very quiet since October and one has to wonder if age is showing up a bit as the season wears on.  Gore rushed for only 31 yards on 13 carries and caught only 1 pass for 2 yards.  Not good.  Gore is another one I am worried about rolling with into the fantasy football playoff weeks.

Meanwhile Alfred Morris made the best of a very tough situation in rushing for 52 yards on 14 carries.  The ongoing problem with Morris is that he doesn't catch the football which means he is a non-factor when the Redskins start getting blown out and they have to pass on every down.

-Anquan Boldin likely gave his fantasy football owners the win Monday night by catching 5 balls for 94 yards and 2 scores.  Things could get murky with Crabtree back though.  Same could be said for Vernon Davis who caught 4 passes for 70 yards and his own TD, although I think the latter will still be very solid with Crabtree back in the fold.

-Pierre Garcon did his PPR owners a nice job by catching 8 balls for 48 yards.  The yardage was not good at all but the raw reception total helped.  That is about all the good I can say about Washington.

There you have it.  As always let us hear your thoughts.

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