Friday, November 29, 2013


Ian Kinsler is in Detroit and Robinson Cano doesn't have a home yet.  With that as a backdrop here is how the early class of 2014 fantasy baseball second baseman look. 

1.  Robinson Cano:  Still easily the top second baseman in the game but signing with Seattle is trouble as Cano will lose home runs and RBI in that spacious park with little protection.
2.  Dustin Pedroia:  Pedroia is slightly overrated due to the fact he hit only 9 home runs in an extreme 641 at-bats.  Health is also never a given here.  Love the player but not at a second round price.
3.  Jason Kipnis:  Always compared him to Ian Kinsler and now like him more than his counterpart.  17/30 last season and he could do even better in 2014.
4.  Ian Kinsler:  Stock that is clearly on the way down.  Stats have slipped two years running and now goes from extreme hitter's park to extreme pitcher's.  Terrific career but time to stay away.
5.  Brandon Phillips:  Has become a terrific RBI guy later in his career despite losing his speed.  Getting up there in age though.
6.  Aaron Hill:  Love him.  Great value for this season.  Home run rate was right on par from his great 2012 despite missing a lot of games last season with injury.  20-plus home runs and 10-15 steals in play this season.
7.  Matt Carpenter:  Loads of runs and terrific average guy but other three categories are ugly.  Slightly overrated. 
8.  Chase Utley:  Another guy to avoid.  I bought low last season and enjoyed nice comeback season but no way he stays so healthy two years in a row and Utley is another year older.
9.  Brett Lawrie:  Like that he picked up second base eligibility and if he could ever stay healthy we could be looking at decent power/speed overall numbers.
10. Jose Altuve:  Very good source of steals which is a stat you want to get in abundance from your middle infield spots. 
11. Jedd Gyorko:  Could be the new Dan Uggla circa 2005 with Miami.  Meaning near-30 home runs with shoddy average. 
12. Jurickson Profar:  Now has the second base spot all to his own.  At least for now barring a trade.  Tremendous post-hype sleeper candidate.
13. Ben Zobrist:  Very shoddy 2013 (12 home runs/11 steals) take some of his previous shine away.  Still love the shortstop eligibility.
14. Brian Dozier:  Has the power/speed game that always catches our attention but average need vast improvement.
15. Martin Prado:  Veteran will always threaten to hit .300 with a bunch of runs but steals seem gone for good.
16. Daniel Murphy:  Credit to Murphy for elevating himself past mediocre status by stealing an unexpected 23 bases. 
17. Neil Walker:  Definition of an average fantasy baseball second baseman.  Upside has vanished and is really best as a bench bat.
18. Nick Franklin:  Upside play as Franklin too has some power/speed to offer.  Full season in 2014 could make him top 12 guy.
19. Howie Kendrick:  Stop chasing numbers that will never arrive.
20. Anthony Rendon:  Washington prospect did some nice things as a first-year guy in last season but overall Rendon needs to add some power.
21. Jed Lowie:  Boring veteran who can never stay healthy enough to be an everyday guy.
22. Kelly Johnson:  Move on.  Getting old and losing his numbers.
23. Kolten Wong:  Could do a nice impression of his teammate Matt Carpenter if all goes well from the start.
24. Rickie Weeks:  Please.  Aging, always hurt, and average a disgrace.
25. Dan Uggla:  Please 2.0.  Struggling to hit .200 now and pop slipping quick.
26. Omar Infante:  Decent bench guy but doesn't do enough to be more than where he already is.

There you have it.  Let us hear what you are thinking.

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