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With Prince Fielder now in Texas ready to take aim at the enticing outfield walls, let's take a look at the current 2014 fantasy baseball first baseman rankings. 

*****The one caveat here is the talk that Miguel Cabrera can be moved back to first base in Detroit now that Prince Fielder has been dealt.  We won't assume anything until there is more clarity here so until this is confirmed we will leave Cabrera out of the rankings here.  If he does in fact move as expected, Cabrera goes right to the number 1 spot.******

1.  Chris Davis:  Asking for a repeat of 2013 is foolhardy but even if Davis gives back 15 percent of his numbers, he is still worthy of this perch.
2. Paul Goldschmidt:  Sure fire first round pick after an MVP-caliber 2013.  Provides rare speed at the position with power that could still be growing.  Nothing negative to say here.
3.  Prince Fielder:  The move to Texas moves Fielder up above Edwin Encarnacion and Joey Votto.  40 home runs back in play due to the drastic ballpark improvement.
4.  Edwin Encarnacion:  Two straight seasons of tremendous power and like Goldschmidt, can contribute some steals.  Perhaps most enticing is the fact Encarnacion carries third base eligibility. 
5.  Joey Votto:  Slightly overrated now as Votto's 2009 season of 37 home runs was an outlier due to a fluke home run rate that has never gone anywhere near that level.  Still this is as good a hitter as there is in the game.  Project 25 home runs and you won't be disappointed.
6.  Freddie Freeman:  I want Freeman on all of my teams this season as the dam is ready to burst.  30 home runs and 115 RBI very possible.  Could take that Paul Goldschmidt leap to first round status.
7.  Adrian Gonzalez:  Not the power hitter he once was but AGONE is a model of .300/25 HR/110 RBI consistency.
8.  David Ortiz:  The wheels have to come off eventually.  Playing DH takes the wear and tear off Ortiz' shoddy body but we should be able to squeeze one of more big year out of him given the fact he is aiming for a new contract.
9.  Albert Pujols:  Claims he is not 100 percent healthy but I want no part of this vastly aging former stud.  Pujols is breaking down everywhere.  Insert reason here (older than he says he is?/substance issues?)
10. Allen Craig:  Craig is a tremendous hitter but a bit light on the home runs which doesn't make him fit as well as your starting first baseman.  Try and slot Craig as your UTIL or CI guy.
11. Mark Trumbo:  Love the pop but the average woes take some of that shine off.
12. Billy Butler:  Clearly the 29 home runs in 2012 is looking like an outlier.  Now looking like just an ordinary boring veteran.
13. Mike Napoli:  Would love if he still had catcher eligibility but Napoli's pop still above average.  Another guy who fits great as a UTIL or CI weapon.
14. Buster Posey:  Play him at catcher in all formats.
15. Matt Adams:  Another guy I want on all my teams.  Vast power potential.  Could be the cheapest 30 home runs you could get this season.
16. Mark Texeira:  Completely finished with this injury mess as well.  Clear shell of his former top shelf self.  Average now a perennial struggle along with inability to stay on field.
17. Anthony Rizzo:  I did expect a lot more out of Rizzo last season but he wouldn't be the first rookie to struggle early on in his career.  Love the power potential but has to develop better batting habits.
18. Adam LaRoche:  Fading quickly as he approaches mid-30's.  Perennial second half stud was simply awful there last season which is a bad sign.
19. Carlos Santana:  Like Buster Posey, play Santana at catcher in all formats.
20. Kendrys Morales:  Pay attention to where he signs this offseason.  Always underrated bat who is surely capable of hitting 30 home runs in the right locale.
21. Adam Lind:  Like that he is back in Toronto but not buying the average he put up last season.
22. Corey Hart:  Could be a quietly great value this season as many have forgotten about him.  Hart hit 30 home runs only two seasons ago.
23. Adam Dunn:  Don't even think about it.
24. Eric Hosmer:  Improved somewhat last season but not enough to make him anything more than a bench guy with fading upside.
25. Brandon Moss:  Cheap source of pop to use on your bench when needed.
26. Ryan Howard:  Yuck.  He is fnished.
27. Brandon Belt:  Another post-hype sleeper who is finally figuring it out but not to the degree where we go nuts reaching for him.
28. Nick Swisher:  Veteran guy who will give you standard .250/20-25 home runs. 

There you have it.  As always let us know your thoughts.

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