Saturday, September 28, 2013


Well yours truly did it again as I claimed the title in BOTH Fantasy Baseball Experts Leagues by a wide margin in both.  I won Experts League 1 by 10 points and Experts League 2 by 19 points.  In fact it was such a blowout that admittedly from August on I went through the motions in setting my lineups and doing not much else so big was my lead.  So that now makes it 9 titles out of a possible 10 the last five years (yup I am the five time defending champ in one of the Experts Leagues).  I have always said that fantasy baseball is by far my best spot and needless to say I think this season was by far my best work.  Hopefully you all benefited by following my advice all season and took home the title in your league.  Unfortunately my luck at fantasy football is not carrying over as I take a a 1-2 record into this weekend's games and have won only twice in seven seasons.  So with that said let's take a look at my final Experts League roster so you can see who helped me win so easily.

C-Carlos Santana:  Truth be told I am continually let down by the guy.  Has now cemented his status like Matt Wieters as a good but not great hitting fantasy baseball catcher.
1B-Anthony Rizzo:  Another guy who let me down, especially with his average.  However I traded Prince Fielder during the season.
2B-Chase Utley:  Double-dipped on Utley given the value he presented as his draft price was so cheap and he stayed healthy which made this a win-win.  Won't try that again next season though.  I know when to cash out.
SS-J.J. Hardy:  Had to cut loose tremendous bust Starlin Castro and lean on old reliable Hardy who gave me the great pop for the position with little fanfare.
3B-Manny Machado:  Scored big time here as Machado was a late round pick who exploded his first full season.  One of the biggest reasons for my landslide win.
OF-Adam Jones:  My outfield and SP was the main reasons why I dominated so much.  Able to steal Jones as a second round pick during the draft.  What a terrific player who does it all and is as durable as they get in the game.
OF-Carlos Gonzalez:  My first round pick was CarGo was playing like an MVP until his annual injury bug hit in the second half.  Was useless from August on.
OF-Yasiel Puig:  Stashed him on my bench until his promotion and than got Mike Trout-lite with his debut.
UTIL-Allen Craig:  Traded Cole Hamels for him when I used up innings at a rate that I didn't need the Phillies ace anymore.  I always tell you in innings-capped leagues to use up innings aggressively so you an flip ace starters for the hitting help later on.


Max Scherzer:  There was no other pitcher I told you to reach for than the likely AL Cy Young winner.  Got him in both leagues.  YUP!
Matt Harvey:  Yes I drafted both.  Got Scherzer in Round 6 and Harvey in Round 9.  You don't have to draft SP until Round 4 or 5.  I say it every year.  Just be sure you listen next season.
Cole Hamels:  I include Hamels here because I took my own screaming advice by BUYING LOW on him when his ERA was over 4.00 in late May due to an unlucky BABIP.  Hamels always does his best work as the season goes on and he typically went back to his ace K/IP form when I got him in June.  This is how you win folks.  Trust in the ability and history if a guy in his prime is struggling.
Madison Bumgarner:  My favorite SP to own, Bumgarner was my first SP picked in Round 4.  Now a top five guy in all of baseball.  Also I owned him in both leagues as well.  YUP 2.0.
Jordan Zimmerman:  Took Zimmerman in Round 12 to finish off my staff.  Always slips due to a mediocre K rate.  As my fifth starter I didn't care as I wanted the low ERA and WHIP.  Got that and more.  Damn I am good.
Gio Gonzalez:  Gonzalez was my third starter picked in round 7.  Wait on SP.


Jason Grilli:  Forget the injury that wiped out his late summer.  Was leading baseball in saves in beyond dominant fashion beforehand.  Pointed him out as a big time VALUE play as his draft price didn't reflect his true ability due to his past as a setup guy.  These are the closing candidates you have to target instead of picking them early.
Grant Balfour:  Steady as they get all season.  Oakland screen made him fall into my lap.
Casey Janssen:  Another guy whose lack of track record allowed him to drop to me despite great peripheral numbers.
Koji Uehara:  You play the waiver wire aggressively for saves and you get gems like this.
Danny Farquhar:  Was a nice addition late when every save as important.

There you have it.  The perfect roster in my opinion.  Print out this roster and study what I did here so that you can dominate your draft next season.  I talked about all these guys in the draft guide so be sure to submit to me your e-mail address at in order to be notified when the 2014 is ready for purchase.  Let's keep the winning going.

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