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Experts League Draft Results


Hey guys, in case you haven’t been following @Buccigross on Twitter, hockey starts this week! Which means it’s another season of fantasy hockey and be sure to check right here for the best fantasy analysis on the web.


My league drafted a few days ago, so I figured I would post it along with some comments to give you all an idea of where players are getting drafted. I posted who I considered to be the best and work pick of each round, as well as my thoughts on the players I drafted and why. I would love to hear your own analysis on the comments below!


Round 1

1.      Mark- Crosby

2.      Ryan- Stamkos

3.      Alex- Malkin

4.      Sam- Ovechkin

5.      Joe- Tavares

6.      Brandon- Rask

7.      Steve- Kane

8.      Dave- Lundqvist

9.      Roto- Kessel

10.  Tim- Giroux


Worst Pick: Kessel (9). Phil Kessel is an elite goal scorer and has been one of the game’s best the last 3 years. However, he doesn’t contribute in enough fantasy categories to be taken this high. You want more out of a first rounder.


Best Pick: Claude Giroux (10). Okay, not just saying this because this is my pick. But Giroux can and has put up elite numbers, and the only reason Yahoo ranked him out of the top 10 was because of his fluke offseason injury. However, he has progressed nicely and is line for another premier year.


11.  Tim- Hall

12.  Roto- Toews

13.  Dave- Subban

14.  Steve- Datsyuk

15.  Brandon- H. Sedin

16.  Joe- Staal

17.  Sam-  Quick

18.  Alex- Zetterberg

19.  Ryan- St. Louis

20.  Mark- Backstrom


Worst Pick: Quick (17). I don’t like taking a goalie this high, especially not this year. There are so many great goalies and I think you’re better off taking a forward with this pick. Quick is a great number 1, don’t get me wrong, but his regular season stats last year were pedestrian.


Best Pick: It’s a tough one, but I’ll go with St. Louis. The guy just doesn’t seem to age. As long as he’s playing alongside Stamkos, he’ll be an elite RW. The guy who led the league in points last year taken at 18th overall? Not too shabby.


My Pick: Taylor Hall. I’ve already said how high on him I was and I’m stoked to get him here. I was a little pissed at first about last pick, but who can be mad about nailing Giroux/Hall back to back? Either one could lead the league in points this year.


21.  Mark- Neal

22.  Ryan- Rinne

23.  Alex- Anderson

24.  Sam- D. Sedin

25.  Joe- Niemi

26.  Brandon- Perry

27.  Steve- Bobrovsky

28.  Dave- Karlsson

29.  Roto- Nash

30.  Tim- Letang


Worst Pick: Craig Anderson. Maybe I’m a stickler but I don’t trust him to be an elite number 1. A full season from Karlsson and Spezza will help, but I’d take Niemi or Bobrovsky before him at any rate.


Best Pick: Erik Karlsson. Corey Perry was a close second, but being able to snag Karlsson, a guy who can put up points as a defenseman like we haven’t seen in a long time is huge. A case can certainly be made that Karlsson could be a first round pick. Tremendous value here for Dave.


My Pick: Kris Letang. I hadn’t planned on taking a defenseman this early, but I knew it would be 19 picks before my turn again, so I wanted to snag one of the elite ones with this round. Letang runs a powerplay that features Crosby, Malkin, and Kunitz, so as long as he’s healthy he’ll be a rock for me.


31.  Tim- Ryan

32.  Roto- Price

33.  Dave- Kopitar

34.  Steve- Parise

35.  Brandon-Howard

36.  Joe- Duchene

37.  Sam- Seguin

38.  Alex- Crawford

39.  Ryan- Vanek

40.  Mark- Smith


Worst Pick: Tyler Seguin. He certainly has elite potential, but you’re looking for more than just upside in these early rounds. If he can create chemistry with Benn and is allowed to run free in Dallas’ offense, he’ll put up elite numbers for sure. It’s just a question of “if”…


Best Pick: Matt Duchene. After a disappointing sophomore season, Duchene was a point-per-game player last year for the Avalanche. Eligible at both C and LW, he’ll be playing with Landeskog and maybe even Mackinnon, so the dominos are definitely aligned for him to establish himself as an upper-echelon player for years to come.


My Pick: Bobby Ryan. I was hesitant on this pick for some reason, but I shouldn’t have been. Given a chance for a fresh new start in Ottowa, he’ll be centered by Spezza and hopefully will have his best year yet. Before the lockout, he had four consecutive 30+ goal seasons and his LW/RW eligibility makes him a flexible option.


41.  Mark- E. Kane

42.  Ryan- Fleury

43.  Alex- Getzlaf

44.  Sam- Kunitz

45.  Joe- Eberle

46.  Brandon- Spezza

47.  Steve- Yakupov

48.  Dave- Benn

49.  Roto- Chara

50.  Tim- Moulson


Worst Pick: Chris Kunitz. He’s an above average player whose stats are inflated because he skates alongside the best player in the world. Will he be a valuable fantasy winger? Probably. But I’m not going count on him to finish anywhere near the top 10 in scoring ever again.


Best Pick: Ryan Getzlaf. His resurgence last year made him one of the guys who most out-produced his draft position in 2012. Bobby Ryan will be gone, but Perry will still be on his line and either Selanne or new youngster Silfverberg will play the opposite side. Getzlaf should be a top 20 forward and was drafted at twice that. Steal.


My Pick: Matt Moulson. Playing alongside Tavares, who’s in line for a monster year, he will be along for the ride. He should be good for another 30+ goals, and if the trends continue, will be at a point-per-game pace. Will be a top 5 LW option next year.


51.  Tim- Ward

52.  Roto- Thornton

53.  Dave- Eriksson

54.  Steve- Semin

55.  Brandon- Sharp

56.  Joe- Holtby

57.  Sam- Luongo

58.  Alex- Marleau

59.  Ryan- Gaborik

60.  Mark- Hiller


Worst Pick: Jonas Hiller.  He plays on a Ducks team that maybe played over its head last year, and he’s got Viktor Fasth breathing down his neck. Most of my mock drafts saw him going way later.


Best Pick: Marian Gaborik. He’s an injury risk, yes. But when he plays, he tears it up as well as anyone in the league. He’s capable of putting up points in streaks that can single-handedly win matchups. His situation in Columbus is very similar to what it was in Minnesota. Another guy who was ranked too low by Yahoo.


My pick: Cam Ward. Okay, I don’t love this pick. But I was waiting any longer to grab a netminder and I trust him more than Holtby or Hiller. I’ll be keeping an close eye on him but if nothing else he’s been dependable to stay healthy over his career.


61.  Mark- Hossa   

62.  Ryan- Ribeiro

63.  Alex- Pietrangelo

64.  Sam- Krejci

65.  Joe- Suter

66.  Brandon- Parenteau

67.  Steve- Voracek

68.  Dave- Lupul

69.  Roto- Weber

70.  Tim-  Stepan


Worst Pick: Ryan Suter. There are really no bad picks in this round, but I’ll say Suter just because I don’t think he should have been taken over Petro or Weber. To each their own.


Best Pick: Shea Weber. He could quite easily be the best fantasy defenseman this year. Not sure how we went this low but he’s good across the board in fantasy stats and he’s rock solid health wise. Maybe not as sexy as Subban or Karlsson, but with Weber you know what you’re getting.


My Pick: As I mentioned in my forward preview, Stepan was one of my candidates for a big breakout year. I expect him to bust out in a big way, with a new coach and motivated by a short contract. I’ll happily have him as my number 1 center.


71.  Tim- Byfuglien

72.  Roto- Couture

73.  Dave- Kesler

74.  Steve- Keith

75.  Brandon- Streit

76.  Joe- Schultz

77.  Sam- Phaneuf

78.  Alex- Kronwall

79.  Ryan- Lucic

80.  Mark- Yandle


Worst Pick: Ryan Kesler. Yes I’m a fan of him this year to have a bounce-back season, I think this is too early. Hard to justify this pick when guys like Bergeron, Pavelski, and Backes are still on the board.


Best Pick: Nick Kronwall. I love Kronwall and even had him as my number 1 d-man last year. He’s a solid contributor in everything and is the go-to guy in Detroit on the blue line. I would have taken him over all the defensemen taken after Big Buff.


My Pick: Dustin Byfuglien. My number 2 defenseman now, he plays like a forward and is due for a rebound year as the young guys in Winnepeg continue to develop and his partner, Enstrom, is healthy. However, frugal as I am, he is a bit of a luxury as a number2 and I may be throwing his name out there for trade bait.


81.  Mark- Carter

82.  Ryan- Doughty

83.  Alex- Pavelski

84.  Sam- Iginla

85.  Joe- Pominville

86.  Brandon- Pacioretty

87.  Steve- Boyle

88.  Dave- Miller

89.  Roto- Backes

90.  Tim- Kadri


Worst Pick: Jason Pominville. There’s really no bad picks here. These are the rounds where you start to see guys with injury risks and other baggage. Pominville is solid and finished well in Minnesota, but he’ll produce best if he can land a spot with Parise/Koivu.


Best Pick: Nazem Kadri. Yep, my pick. He scored 18 goals and 44 points in the shortened season, and will play alongside the likes of Kessel, JVR, Lupul, and Kulemin. His upside is tremendous and I see him taking another step forward this year. He’ll slide right into my #2 center spot.


91.  Tim- Burns

92.  Roto- Backstrom

93.  Dave- Skinner

94.  Steve- Lehtonen

95.  Brandon- Markov

96.  Joe- Ladd

97.  Sam- Green

98.  Alex- Landeskog

99.  Ryan- Shattenkirk

100.                      Mark- Timonen


101.                      Mark- Bergeron

102.                      Ryan- Franzen

103.                      Alex- Alfredsson

104.                      Sam- Ekman-Larsson

105.                      Joe- Campbell

106.                      Brandon- Enstrom

107.                      Steve- Van Riemsdyk

108.                      Dave- Edler

109.                      Roto- Wheeler

110.                      Tim- Del Zotto


111.                      Tim- Schneider

112.                      Roto- Gonchar

113.                      Dave- Richards

114.                      Steve- Heatley

115.                      Brandon- Hedman

116.                      Joe- Carlson

117.                      Sam- Marchand

118.                      Alex- Voynov

119.                      Ryan- Franson

120.                      Mark- Seabrook


Picks I like: Green, Bergeron, OEL, ENnstrom, Gonchar, Franson, Landeskog

Picks I don’t like: Lehtonen, Ladd, Seabrook


121.                      Mark- Brown

122.                      Ryan- Huberdeau

123.                      Alex- Elias

124.                      Sam- J. Johnson

125.                      Joe- Nugent-Hopkins

126.                      Brandon- Richards

127.                      Steve- Wisniewski

128.                      Dave- Wideman

129.                      Roto- Visnovsky

130.                      Tim- Simmonds


131.                      Tim- Halak

132.                      Roto- Brodeur

133.                      Dave- Silfverberg

134.                      Steve- Oshie

135.                      Brandon- Galchenyuk

136.                      Joe- Fasth

137.                      Sam- Plekanec

138.                      Alex- Elliot

139.                      Ryan- Callahan

140.                      Mark- Williams


141.                      Mark- Goligoski

142.                      Ryan- Ehrhoff

143.                      Alex- Beauchemin

144.                      Sam- Dupuis

145.                      Joe- Lecavalier

146.                      Brandon- Pavelec

147.                      Steve- Leddy

148.                      Dave- Boedker

149.                      Roto- Gagner

150.                      Tim- Hartnell


Picks I like: Huberdeau, Wideman, Williams, Boedker

Picks I don’t like: Johnson, Goligoski, Leddy, Beauchemin


151.                      Tim- Hamilton

152.                      Roto- Ennis

153.                      Dave- Turris

154.                      Steve- Purcell

155.                      Brandon- Brouwer

156.                      Joe- Horton

157.                      Sam- Dubinsky

158.                      Alex- Hamhuis

159.                      Ryan- Cammalleri

160.                      Mark- Stewart


161.                      Mark- McDonagh

162.                      Ryan- Drouin

163.                      Alex- Gallagher

164.                      Sam- Ryder

165.                      Joe- Fleischmann

166.                      Brandon- Barrie

167.                      Steve- Stastny

168.                      Dave- Fowler

169.                      Roto- Tyutin

170.                      Tim- Bartkowski


Picks I like: Horton, Fowler, Drouin, Ryder

Picks I don’t like: Purcell, Brouwer, Barrie, Tyutin, Bartkowski. I had to take a defenseman with my last pick because the draft automatically place Burns and Buff on RW, leaving only a d-man slot left. I took Bartkowski as a joke. I’ll be dropping him immediately, probably for a goalie.


So at the end this is the makeup of my team:

C- Stepan, Kadri

LW- Hall, Moulson, Hartnell

RW- Giroux, Ryan, Simmonds

D- Letang, Byfuglien, Burns, Del Zotto, Hamilton

G- Ward, Schneider, Halak


I think this is a well balanced team with a lot of upside. As I’ve mentioned before, Stepan, Kadri, Hall, Moulson, Burns, Del Zotto, and even Hamilton are all due for breakout seasons. If the pieces fall together, I’m looking at a championship team.


Questions about players? Thoughts on my team? Let us know! I’m happy to answer any and all you have at .

Thanks and keep reading!

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