Monday, September 30, 2013


-I said in the summer that Russell Wilson is a better real-life QB than a fantasy football one, with evidence that he never threw for 300 yards in any game during his breakout rookie 2012 season.  He went right in line with that assessment Sunday by throwing for only 123 yards and 1 INT with no scores.  As great as he is to watch, Wilson can be a volatile fantasy football passer.

-Matt Schaub had his jersey burned at the stadium which Sportscenter caught on tape.  However he passed the numbers quotient with his 355 yard day with 2 scores.  The 2 picks hurt but that is part of the deal with Schaub.  Again you can do better but you also can do worse.

-Andre Johnson looked just fine despite being limited during the week with a shin injury.  He grabbed 9 passes for 110 yards guessed scores.  Damn that is frustrating.  Johnson catches so many passes but why no touchdowns?  It never makes sense.

-Arian Foster is getting into the swing of things after he rushed for 102 yards, although it took 27 carries.  He did score on one of his 6 catches for 69 yards.  The buy low window is closing quick.

-This is why you can never depend on Jay Cutler.  Quite possibly the most turnover-prone passes in football, Cutler was in rare form Sunday by throwing 3 INT's and losing a fumble.  In between the 317 passing yards and two scores were nice but his sketchy ways continue to make him one to not depend on.

-Cutler seems to have discovered a new love in WR Alshon Jeffrey who caught 5 passes for 107 yards and a score.  Every time the Bears were in the red zone Cutler looked at Jeffrey first.  Brandon Marshall did grab 7 balls for 79 yards but no scores to speak of.  As a Marshall owner, so far this is not what I signed up for.

-Matt Forte did his PPR gem thing with 95 rushing yards and a score on only 14 carries while also catching 5 passes for 22 yards.  Wish I had him.

-Wow only four catches for 44 yards and a score by Calvin Johnson.  Won't see that again for awhile.

-Listen I know I am jumping the gun big time here.  I know it.  However when I was watching Brian Hoyer throw for 269 yards with 2 scores and no turnovers to mark his second excellent start in two outings, the image of Kurt Warner appeared in my brain.  I don't know why.  Maybe the whole coming out nowhere thing and than jumping onto the field completing everything.  Told you to pick him up before this game and keep him on the bench to see if he can do it again.  Now it is time to play him Thursday against Buffalo.

-Jordan Cameron guys.  Recommended him as the biggest potential sleeper in tight end-loving Rob Chudzinski's offense.  Well he was at it again Sunday in catching his fifth touchdown among his 10 grabs for 91 yards.  Right behind Jimmy Graham firmly sits Cameron in the tight end rankings.  Who would have thought we would say that four weeks in?

-Listen A.J. Green has to do better than 7 catches for 51 yards.  I mean for real.

-Workmanlike game for Colts QB Andrew Luck on Sunday in tossing two touchdows and 260 yard with 1 pick.  He fell back in love with tight end Coby Fleener who caught 5 passes for 77 yards and a touchdown.  With byes now here, pick up Fleener as your fill-in.

-Reggie Wayne is behind last season's amazing comeback pace but still is doing well with 5 catches for 100 yards and a score Sunday.  T.Y. Hilton also made it through the game with his foot issue by catching 5 of his own for 48 yards.

-Wow does Maurice Jones-Drew look old. Only 23 yards on 13 carries.  Told you all to stay far away from him.  You are your own worst enemy if he failed to listen to my advice.

-Bench all your New York Giants.  Better yet cut Eli Manning, David Wilson, and why not Hakeem Nicks too.  Victor Cruz saved his day with a long TD grab but nothing this "offense" is doing now is a help to you.  What a mess.

-Why why why didn't I draft Jamaal Charles?  Charles is that girl you let slip away to another dude when you had a chance to make her yours.  Charles rushed for only 65 yards on 18 carries but he once again did his best work in the receiving game by catching 5 passes for 62 yards and a score. 

-Why why why did I draft Doug Martin over Charles?  Or LeSean McCoy?  Martin no doubt is being let down by the rest of the Tampa Bay offense but he ran horribly Sunday in gaining only 45 yards on 27 carries.  That my friends is a disgrace.  I want to say it will get better but not with rookie Mike Glennon under center. 

-Boy that Super Bowl honeymoon is over quick.  Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco threw FIVE picks Sunday despite 347 passing yards.  Back to his old self as a borderline guy who is better served as a bench warmer.

-Only 5 carries for Ray Rice for 17 yards.  Seriously?  Why play him at all?  Rice has a small body that has taken a lot of hits in his career.  Just saying.

-Torrey Smith is right on schedule in turning into the WR 1 he should have been last season.  Caught 5 balls for 166 yards and a score Sunday.  His QB is up and down but not Smith.

-Matt Cassel is not going anywhere even if Christian Ponder is healthy after throwing for 2 scores and 248 yards in getting the Vikings out of the winless column.  Only backup material at this point but worth watching.

-There we go Adrian.  After two pedestrian weeks Adrian Peterson was back to his number 1 fantasy football player self in rushing for 140 yards and 2 scores. 

-LeVeon Bell had a nice debut in rushing for two scores among his 57 yards on 16 carries.  A big time receiver in college, Bell also caught 4 passes for 27 yards.  I like what I saw.  Than again it was me who told you how great he was in college and do pick him up.

-Antonio Brown was a guy I liked but didn't pursue as aggressively as I should have.  Two monster weeks in a row now as he followed up last week 8-catch game with 12 more for 88 yards.  PPR gem.

There you have it.  Let's hear some thoughts.

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