Thursday, September 26, 2013


We continue to go around the diamond with our final fantasy baseball position rankings of the season.  Let's see how this always shallow position looks.

1.  Troy Tulowitzki:  25 home runs in only 435 at-bats as of this writing underscores how awesome a hitter Tulo is.  However it is playing Russian Roulette when drafting him due to not knowing how long his annual DL stint will be.
2.  Hanley Ramirez:  MAJOR comeback season by Ramirez whose home run rate was the best of his career with 20 in only 298 at-bats while hitting .346 and stealing 10 bases. This is the first round Ramirez we all fell in love with during his Marlins stay.  The question is:  do you feel comfortable drafting Ramirez in round 1 or round 2 next season?
3.  Ian Desmond:  Went 20/20 for the second year in a row and his durability and better draft price makes him arguably the better investment.
4.  Jean Segura: My pick for Value Play of the Year considering his shallow position.  Segura is basically the old version of Jose Reyes with his big time steals, good average, and sneaky pop.  Love him and owned him this season but price could be too inflated for a personal reunion.
5.  Jose Reyes:  Yup Reyes was the bust I said he would be as playing on the turf of Toronto was as bad a match as you could get.  Only 15 steals is a red flag that Reyes' running could forever be impacted.  Want no part of him going forward.
6.  Billy Hamilton:  Could steal 100 bases next season easy if he starts the season playing every day as expected.  This seems like an overrank on my part but Hamilton could single-handily own the stolen base category which is extremely valuable.  I am reaching for him.
7. Elvis Andrus:  Yeah he is always overrated considering he really is just a stolen base asset but this ranking indicates how this position lacks top end talent.
8.  Alexei Ramirez:  Has salvages his fantasy baseball career by figuring out how to steal bases in reaching the 30 mark for the first time in his career.
9.  J.J. Hardy:  Among the more underappreciated players in the game.  Only Tulo and HanRam can hit 25 homers here.  Don't sneeze at what Hardy supplies.
10. Andrelton Simmons:  Sleeper alert!  Simmons already has the home run swing in order and average will only go up from here.
11. Brian Dozier:  Hit 18 home runs with 14 steals as of this writing which fills the precious juice quotient.  I like him a lot but that average needs work as he continues to develop.
12. Asdrubal Cabrera:  Average has fallen off the last two years along with his healthy but Cabrera can still swat 15-20 home runs with a few steals tossed in.
13. Everth Cabrera:  Steals aplenty but don't like investing in anyone who is returning from a steroids bust.
14. Jurickson Profar:  Will eventually make good on all the pub surrounding his name.  Price very nice to invest in for the 2014 season.
15. Ben Zobrist:  As boring a player to own as can be.  Truth is Zobrist was not very good in 2013 and name value now exceeds his stats.
16. Jimmy Rollins:  Fading fast.  Numbers down across the board and health woes will only get worse.  Stay far away.
17. Martin Prado:  Plays everywhere which is nice but average took a hit in 2013 as he fell in love with the home run ball.
18. Jed Lowrie:  He is a poor man's Hardy in that he can swat home runs but real issue is always rough health.
19. Starlin Castro:  What the heck happened to this guy?  Castro was deplorable in 2013 and that marks two straight years of declining stats.  Something not right here.
20. Erick Aybar:  You can do a lot worse than this decent veteran.
21. Johnny Peralta:  Now will be coming off steroids bust which overshadows a decent season.  No thanks.
22. Derek Jeter:  The end is near.  Don't even think about it.     

That's all for now.  As always let us know what you think.  Also be sure to submit your e-mail address at to be notified of when the Fantasy Sports Boss 2014 Draft Guide is available for purchase.

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