Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Last but not least we delve into the wide receivers as we update the first batch of fantasy football rankings.

1.  Calvin Johnson:  No one else is even close.
2.  Julio Jones:  Is just an impossible matchup right now.  Been more consistent than Bryant, Green, and Marshall.
3.  A.J. Green:  Has not gotten off to the gangbuster start expected.  Still he is a stud through and through.
4.  Demaryuis Thomas:  Despite presence of Welker and Decker, Thomas has been  clear number 1 superstar.
5.  Dez Bryant:  Week 3 output was a little low only because Cowboys jumped out so quickly.
6.  Brandon Marshall:  A bit banged up which has his catches per game down slightly.
7.  Wes Welker:  Initial worries about not enough catches to go around for Welker look overblown.  Still looks like the same 100-catch monster he was with the Patriots.
8.  Randall Cobb:  Right on schedule as far as his rise to number 1 receiver status.
9.  Jordy Nelson:  Has upped his catches per game and working great off of Cobb.
10. Andre Johnson:  Was putting up his usual stellar numbers until yet another leg injury.
11. Victor Cruz:  Was maintaining his numbers until the Carolina trainwreck.  Worried about how poor Eli Manning and the offensive line has looked.
12. Torrey Smith:  The time is now for Smith to become the Pro Bowler he has the potential to be.
13. Cecil Shorts:  Amazing how good Shorts has been despite the horrid Jags QB play.
14. Larry Fitzgerald:  Hamstring injury has capped a terrific start in Week 1. 
15. Pierre Garon:  Continuing with his great chemistry with RG3.
16. Eric Decker:  After a quiet Week 1, Decker has been right there with the best the last two weeks.
17. DeSean Jackson:  Still not sold he can make it through a whole season healthy and being productive.
18. Antonio Brown:  Great sign from Brown with his 9-catch/2-TD Week 3.
19. James Jones:  Like with Denver, enough balls to go around in Green Bay.
20. Marques Colston:  Old reliable.
21. Reggie Wayne:  Old reliable 2.0.
22. Steve Smith:  Old reliable 3.0.
23. Julian Edelman:  Doing what Wes Welker has done in New England.  Terrific value.
24. Anquan Boldin:  Has vanished with the rest of the 49ers offense the last two weeks.
25. Stevie Johnson:  Only guy to ever give Darrell Revis fits.
26. Vincent Jackson:  Wasn't doing much before rib injury in Week 3.
27. DeAndre Hopkins:  Looks like a star real soon.
28. Roddy White:  Down, down we go as White's high ankle sprain is making him look like a major shell of his former Pro Bowl self.
29.  Hakeem Nicks:  Amazing how quick his career is tanking.
30. Tavon Austin:  Lots of catches but not many yards.
31. Mike Wallace:  Been a complete no-show two of three weeks.
32. Miles Austin:  Yet another hamstring injury to worry about.
33. T.Y. Hilton:  Expected more by this point but that because Darius Heyard-Bey's presence is hurting his potential.
34. Greg Jennings:  All about the QB as Jennings is just an ordinary player with Christian Ponder after being a Pro Bowler with Aaron Rodgers.
35. Josh Gordon:  Will move up quickly if he adds to great Week 3 bustout.
36. Emmanuel Sanders:  Solid and more big plays ahead.
37. Brian Hartline:  Ryan Tannehill still not consistent enough to recommend any Dolphins receiver as more than a WR 3.
38. Danny Amendola:  I know this is a harsh ranking but the guy is NEVER healthy.
39. Andre Roberts:  Carson Palmer's slump not helping any Cardinals receiver.   
40. Kenbrell Thompkins:  Caught to touchdowns last week which hopefully is a sign he is finding his footing as a player after working off rookie rust.


  1. if jimmy graham suddenly becomes a WR, where would u put him on this list?

    1. JOE: right behind the green, jones, bryant, marshall grouping.