Friday, September 20, 2013


Not much more to get to when it comes to the 2013 fantasy baseball season other than updating the position rankings of which the second baseman are on tap.  Let's see where things stand as the season draws to a close.

1.  Robinson Cano:  Duhh!
2.  Dustin Pedroia:  Truth be told Pedroia's season was not out of this world by any means.  That is more an indictment on the position as a whole.  Nice season but Pedroia has done better.
3.  Jason Kipnis:  Kipnis is a juice-lovers delight as he sits here as of this writing with 17 home runs and 28 steals while hitting .277.  He gets ice cold at times but overall Kipnis has firmly established himself as a very valuable second baseman.
4.  Ian Kinsler:  You have to wonder if age is becoming an issue for Kinsler whose numbers are down drastically across the board at 31.  His .272 average is better than it has been in awhile but only 12 home runs and 15 steals is a sharp decline from 2009-2012.
5.  Brandon Phillips:  Cleared the 100 RBI mark which is Robinson Cano territory.  Forget about steals which are never coming back but Phillips is a reliable 15-20 home run guy with a bunch of RBI.
6.  Matt Carpenter:  In the fight for the batting title for most of the season and scored over 100 runs.  However Carpenter is a liability in home runs and stolen bases.
7.  Kyle Seager:  There is a major dropoff from Phillips to the rest of this group.  Seager has really developed into a nice player with solid power and some steals thrown in.  Home park stinks but that will get you a solid discount.
8.  Aaron Hill:  Give Hill a do-over for 2014 as injury pretty much ruined his 2013 campaign.  When he was on the field, Hill still was hitting home runs at his career-long clip while also putting up a near-.300 average.
9.  Chase Utley:  Utley had a very good comeback season as he stayed almost completely healthy.  However I am staying away in 2014 as I can't see him staying that healthy again and his price won't be as cheap as it was last winter.
10. Brett Lawrie:  Nice to see Lawrie grab second base eligibility as he was not a great option at third given his long slump to start the season.  Still lots of potential here as we have seen spurts of Ian Kinsler-like production but we are growing very tired of waiting.
11. Martin Prado:  Plays all over the field but never does one thing great.  Same story, different year.
12. Eric Young Jr.:  Has the same game as his father as Young Jr. runs all day long while also popping a homer once in awhile.  
13. Jurickson Profar:  Has not distinguished himself yet but universally considered the top hitting prospect coming into he season with Tampa Bay's Wil Myers.  Could bust out quick.
14. Jose Altuve:  Big time steals guy with solid average but Astros lineup is awful and he gives next to nothing in the power categories.
15. Everth Cabrera:  This is a tough one given Cabrera's steroids bust but speed is not like power when it comes to the volatility that coming off the juice brings.  
16. Daniel Murphy:  You may be surprised by this but Murphy had a terrific season.  Always a good average guy, Murphy discovered the stolen base this season with 19 which changes the whole picture.
17. Brian Dozier:  Sleeper alert.  Dozier reminds me so much of Jason Kipnis it is scary.  17 home runs and 13 stolen bases were accompanied by an ugly average but if that even ticks up to .260, we could be looking at a top ten guy.  
18. Jedd Gyorko:  A slow start and than a decent DL stint set Gyorko back but he was a power hitting stud in the second half which is what he has always done in the minors.  The ballpark is an issue but Gyorko has power that is rare at the second base spot.
19. Howie Kendrick:  Yeah that batting title is never going to arrive.
20. Neil Walker:  Boring veteran guy.  That is all I can say about him until he retires.


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