Saturday, June 22, 2013


It certainly has not been a good offseason for the offense of the New England Patriots, led of course by All World QB Tom Brady.  First Brady's go-to-guy extraoridnaire Wes Welker flies the coop in signing a free agent deal with the Denver Broncos.  Than word came down that the best tight end in football, Rob Gronkowski would need back surgery in addition the earlier surgery he had for a broken forearm.  The prognosis is a 12-week recovery which could have Gronkowski on the PUP list when the season begins.  Finally, fellow tight end Aaron Hernandez made things even more absurd by getting caught up in a murder investigation that has now a warrant out for his arrest on obstruction charges which could get upgraded depending on what the investigation shows.  Add it all up and Brady must be wondering who he will be throwing the football to this season.

In breaking things down from the angle of fantasy football, one can't help but wonder if this hurts Brady's overall value doing into the draft.  While I would never downgrade Brady too much, our original placement of Brady third in our 2013 QB rankings no doubt has tp be adjusted given what has happened to his weapons.  Given what we have learned, Brady should be dropped down below Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, and Matt Ryan.  While this is not a knock on Brady the player, it can't be ignored how his numbers could slip some given the loss of his receivers.

On the flip side, a boost should be given to both Danny Amendola and rookie receiver Aaron Dobson who no doubt will be getting much more work from Brady going into the season.  Brady has to throw the pigskins to someone and so Amendola and Dobson could be in line for a spike in numbers.  Dobson in particular could carry significant sleeper value given that he is well off the fantasy football radar. 

All in all this situation bears watching going forward as far as what happens with Gronkowski and Hernandez.  If Gronk comes back for Week 1 and/or Hernandez dodges a legal bullet than the story changes for the better for Brady.  Stay tuned.

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