Sunday, June 30, 2013


With drafts now underway in full force, it is time once again to take a look at yet another 2013 Draft Debate.  Today we delve into the tight end fraternity which now has one less big time weapon with Aaron Hernandez being arrested for murder.  Once Jimmy Graham is off the board, the debate than begins on who should go next.  The two names that come up the most in this endeavor are the Atlanta Falcons' Tony Gonzalez and the Dallas Cowboys' Jason Witten who are both Hall of Fame players who have been among the best in the game at their position for over a decade.  With that said let's compare the two in their relevant fantasy football categories in order to fully determine who should be selected ahead of the other one.

RECEPTIONS:  Jason Witten is one of the greatest pass catchers of all time and is as good as PPR weapons as you can get.  Gonzalez is no slouch as well as he is an almost automatic when it comes to grabbing at least 80 passes and likely more.  However Witten wins this one due to the fact he comes off a 110 catch season to Gonzalez' 93 and the Cowboys tight end has less competition than his Falcons counterpart. 
ADVANTAGE:  Jason Witten

TOUCHDOWNS:  Despite having two Pro Bowl standout receivers in Roddy White and Julio Jones, the number one red zone target by far for QB Matt Ryan on the Falcons passing attack is Gonzalez.  Since arriving in Atlanta before the 20110 season, Gonzalez has caught 21 touchdowns passes as proof positive of this.  Meanwhile for all the massive amount of receptions Witten grabs, he has frustratingly has come up short in the touchdown department year after year, with only 3 among his 110 receptions last season.  For some strange reason QB Tony Romo looks more to his receivers than Witten near the red zone which solidifies Gonzalez' winning this statistic.
ADVANTAGE:  Tony Gonzalez

RECEIVING YARDAGE:  The tiebreaker between Witten and Gonzalez is the receiving yardage as Witten has accumulated 942 and 1,039 yards the last two seasons.  Gonzalez meanwhile has put up 875 and 930 marks.  Again Witten's raw receptions advantage over Gonzalez puts him in better position to come out on top when it comes to the receiving yardage.
ADVANTAGE:  Jason Witten

WINNER:  Jason Witten

Witten slightly comes out on top here and that is especially true in PPR formats.  While we are past the point of ever doubting Gonzalez due to his age, the fact Witten will be slightly more involved in the passing games moves the needle in his direction.

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