Thursday, June 20, 2013


As crazy as it is to say, 2013 fantasy football drafts are already underway.  While I continue to believe the best bet is to hold your draft as close to the season as possible, those who just can't wait need to do work through some close debates among key players at their respective positions.  With that said we go right to the top of the quarterback rankings for the annual Aaron Rodgers-Drew Brees debate.  Both guys have broken many a scoreboard over the last four seasons and during that time each has staked their claim to be the best fantasy football QB in the game.  So without further delay let's once again compare the two in the fantasy football relevant categories in order to determine who takes the top slot this season.

PASSING YARDS:  As awesome as Rodgers is, he doesn't come close to Brees in the passing yardage department as the New Orleans gunslinger has gone for over 5,000 each of the last two seasons while his Green Bay counterpart came in at 4,643 and 4,295 yards.  Brees will once again lead the NFL in pass attempts, especially with Sean Payton back calling the plays.
ADVANTAGE:  Drew Brees

TOUCHDOWNS:  Once again Brees comes out on top here as he has thrown for 46 and 43 scores the last two seasons while Rodgers checks in at 45 and 39.  This category is much closer than the passing yardage listed above but again we have to go on the numbers here.  With Brees once again likely to lead the NFL in pass attempts, he should have the better shot to come out on top in this area.
ADVANTAGE:  Drew Brees

INTERCEPTIONS:  This one is all Rodgers because as great as Brees is, he has been interception prone due to the sheer volume of throws he makes each season.  Altogether Brees has thrown 22, 14, and 19 picks the last three seasons while Rodgers has proven himself to be one of the best at limiting turnovers with 11, 6, and 8 interceptions during that same span.
ADVANTAGE:  Aaron Rodgers

RUSHING YARDS:  This is a minimal stats for most fantasy football quarterbacks but it still needs to be weight as part of the bottom line value of each player.  Rodgers wins this one going away as he has generally been a 250-300 rushing yard guy who has 9 scores by that manner the last three seasons combined.  Brees meanwhile is as lead footed as you get with only 91 rushing yards total during the same span of Rodgers listed above.  No contest in this one.
ADVANTAGE:  Aaron Rodgers

INTANGIBLES:  Brees is a full five years older than Rodgers (34-29) and age is always a good manner to break virtual ties in value.  It is a fact that player start to lose their skills as they reach their mid-30's so we have some bit of risk there when it comes to the Saints QB.  Meanwhile Rodgers is flat out in his early prime years and has at least five more big seasons in his future.  Thus Rodgers is the safer bet when age is taken into consideration.
ADVANTAGE:  Aaron Rodgers

WINNER:  Aaron Rodgers

As always this one came in very close by Rodgers' ability to contribute on the ground, limit turnovers, and be a bit less risky when it comes to his age make him the slight favorite when weighing a pick between the two this season.

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