Friday, June 21, 2013


Pedro Alvarez:  3/4 with his 16th HR while hitting .223.  Always nice when you get an additional hit when Alvarez homers.  Enjoy it because it doesn't come around often.

Jay Bruce:  1/4 with his 15th HR while hitting .277.  Bruce is locked in and launching balls all over outfield walls.  Few do it better than Bruce when he is seeing the ball as well as he currently is.

Homer Bailey:  6 IP 6 H 2 ER 0 BB 8 K with an ERA of 3.75.  Now has 95 K's in 96 innings pitched.  Terrific ratios.  What we are seeing now is the Bailey finished product, 3.75 ERA and all.  In other words he will still throw in a massive clunker but overall he is Zack Greinke prior to his Dodgers stay.

Paul Konerko:  2/4 with his 7th HR while hitting .252.  Nice signs from Konerko lately so now would be a good time to take a look to see if he is sitting there on the waiver wire.  Yes he is older than dirt but Konerko can still be helpful in smaller doses.

Brian Dozier:  1/4 with his sixth HR while hitting .234.  Now up to six home runs and 6 stolen bases.  All while manning second base.  Yes the average stinks but the juice is enticing nonetheless.

Jean Segura:  2/5 with 2 steals (22 for season) while hitting .322.  Now hitting leadoff which means more and more steals.  Yum. 

Yovani Gallardo:  7 IP 5 H 0 ER 2 BB 6 K with an ERA of 4.09.  Gallardo has been better the last few times out but honestly he couldn't have been any worse.  The velocity is still down tough which has taken the K rate along for the ride.  In other words the underlying concerns are still there.

Jim Henderson:  1 ER while pitching in the eighth inning.  John Axford threw a scoreless ninth on a related note.  Please no!!!!  This can't possibly be happening can it?

Ian Desmond:  1/4 with his 11th HR while hitting .280.  With Jose Reyes and Troy Tulowitzki out injured and Jimmy Rollins sucking it, you can actually argue that Desmond and Jean Segura have been as good as any shortstop in fantasy baseball.

Jordan Zimmerman:  8 IP 6 H 0 ER 1 BB 9 K with an ERA of 2.26.  Zimmerman is awesome which we all have learned in spades this season but he goes up an extra awesome level when the K's are as great as they can be like in this outing.

Evan Longoria:  2/3 with 2 home runs (16 for season) while hitting .307.  The Tampa Bay clubhouse guys have blocked Longoria from accessing anything with the name "Tulowitzki" and "injuries" from any laptop in the stadium so as not to get reminded of his own checked past.

Matt Moore:  6.1 IP 4 H 3 ER 3 BB 4 K with an ERA of 4.13.  Moore won but truth be told he was not great by any means with more shaky control.  As messed up as any pitcher going right now which is a real shame considering how terrific he was throwing back in April.

David Ortiz:  2/4 with his 15th HR while hitting .310.  I wonder if Ortiz is sweating this whole Biogenesis thing since there are apparently some yet to be unveiled names?  Just saying.

David Wright:  3/4 with 2 home runs (11 for seasons) while hitting .304.  Wright has been murdering the baseball from Day 1 this season with no extended slumps or injuries to speak of.  The 30 year old still has some big time years left in the tank.

Matt Holliday:  2/4 with his 11th HR while hitting .278.  Holliday needed this home run badly as he has not looked good at the dish lately at all.  Father Time gets us all but at least Holliday is fighting it some.

Lance Lynn:  6 H 3 H 1 ER 2 BB 6 K with an ERA of 3.42.  Lynn now has 10 wins as he once again is in the thick of the Cy Young race for his respective league.  The clock starts on him at the end of the month and you know why.

Mike Trout:  4/4 with his 16th SB while hitting .317.  I don't even remember April happened.

Peter Bourjos:  3/4 with his third HR and 4th SB while hitting .345.  Bourjos was always a tad intriguing given he can challenge Brett Gardner in a footrace but he has fumbled away just about every prime chance he had to breakthrough.  Sorry I am done waiting.

Yasiel Puig:  1/5 with his sixth HR while hitting .452.  This is why that whole Super 2 arbitration crap sucks so much.  I could have been up to around 30 home runs by now for Puig if he had started with the club in April. 

Pedro Ciriaco:  2/4 with his first HR and 2nd SB while hitting .412.  Yeah somehow ended up on the West Coast when no one was even thinking about the guy.  I am still no thinking about him until I see so much more of this.

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