Sunday, June 23, 2013


Once again it is time to check in on the latest fantasy baseball adds and drops for the next seven days.


Koji Uehara:  It was Uehara and not Junichi Tazawa who got the nod to replace struggling Andrew Bailey as the Red Sox closer.  Uehara has been a strikeout machine since coming to the United States and he clearly has the power arsenal to succeed as closer.

Yoervis Medina:  Medina is looking more and more like a possible closer solution for the Seattle Mariners given how much Tom Wilhelmsen has struggled.  Yes his control is erratic but Medina's high K rate and power stuff plays well in the gig.

Martin Perez:  Considered one of the best pitching prospect in the Rangers orgainization, Perez was terrific in his second start Satruday.  Yes pitchers in Texas are scary but Perez has very good potential.

Zoilo Almonte:  The sweet swinger is being given a chance to play everday what with the continued injury woes for the Yankees.  He notched a home run in his first start and kept hitting in his second.  Love the ballpark.

Victor Martinez:  Martinez has been back to driving the ball with authority the last month as he worked off the rust that accumulated after missing all of 2012.  Check your wire to see if someone cut him as he was dropped in more than a few leagues.

Corey Kluber:  Averaging almost a K/IP which is where you want your starter to be at.  His Saturday start taken out of the equation, Kluber has been more than decent the last month or so.


Mike Morse:  It pains me to say this as a Morse fan but he is once again injured and has not hit much since April.  You can't wait around forever.

Mark Texeira:  Cut him.  Back on the DL with more wrist issues which could lead to surgery.  Even if he does return, Texeira is limited with the power in his wrist.  He is not worth the aggravation anymore.

Angel Pagan:  A nice player the last few seasons, Pagan has really offered little to his owners this season as he currently sits injured on the DL.  A classic guy to drop when he hits the skids as the competition is never fierce of his services to begin with.

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