Sunday, June 30, 2013


1.  Clayton Kershaw:  Standard excellence from the lefty who has made the whole spring debate between he and Justin Verlander moot.
2.  Matt Harvey:  Believe it.  Look past the fact Harvey has not even thrown 30 starts and concentrate on the pure dominance of his numbers.  Has been in the running for three possible no-hitters already.
3.  Felix Hernandez
4.  Cliff Lee:  Should be traded by the deadline, with the American League contenders being heavily involved.  Was still a Cy Young guy in Texas, Cleveland,  and Seattle so no worries.
5.  Max Scherzer:  Now 12-0 and has carried over terrific second half of 2012.  I said he could be better than Verlander this season back in March.  Yup.
6.  Chris Sale:  So far so good as Sale's arm is holding up under the Verducci Rules 2012 violation. 
7.  Adam Wainwright:  Further proof that the second year back from TJ surgery sees a major bump in production.
8.  Jordan Zimmerman:  Fighting it out with Wainwright and Harvey for NL Cy Young.
9.  Madison Bumgarner
10. Yu Darvish:  Strikeouts have been ridiculous and walks not hurting him as much this season.
11. Stephen Strasburg
12. Hisashi Iwakuma:  Has had only one poor start all season.
13. James Shields:  Not winning but not his fault.
14. Justin Verlander:  Falling fast as arm looks tired.  Has not had dominant start in almost a month.
15. Shelby Miller:  Has gotten hit his last two starts which only shows him to be human.
16. Gio Gonzalez:
17. Lance Lynn:  Can't wait to see if he holds his numbers the second half.  If he does than look out.
18. Matt Cain:  Back on track after awful April and early May.
19. Mat Latos:  Upped his K rate to nearly 1 per inning pitched.
20. Jeff Samardzjia:  Slowed down slightly after awesome April but May and June is the height of what he really is.
21. Alex Cobb:  Needs to get back on the field from his concussion to build off eye opening first two months of the season.
22. Hyun-Jin Ryu
23. Patrick Corbin:  Lacks strikeouts but clearly getting it done as shown by great ratios.
24. Mike Minor:  Called this breakout.
25. Kris Medlen:  Has come on strong in May and June after shoddy April.  WHIP a bit high though.
26. Hiroki Kuroda:  Can't argue with the ratios but Kuroda tends to tire and still doesn't collect K's.
27. Homer Bailey
28. Cole Hamels
29. Julio Teheran
30. C.C. Sabbathia:  Reality is now that Sabbathia is a number 2 and not an ace.
31. Clay Buchholz:  Injuries once again a major issue.
32. Anibal Sanchez:  Racked up the K's before his own DL stint.
33. Bartolo Colon
34. Francisco Liriano:  Like with A.J. Burnett, liking the NL Central much better than AL.
35. A.J. Burnett
36. Travis Wood
37. Jose Fernandez:  Will be an ace as soon as next season once the training wheels are removed.
38. Ervin Santana:  Once again continuing his habit of one good year followed by a bad.
39. Jeff Locke
40. Jacob Turner
41. Justin Masterson:  Will never trust the guy but having a very nice season.
42. Derek Holland:  Ditto Holland.
43. Doug Fister
44. David Price:  Will move up quick once he gets back and puts his awful start to the season behind him.
45. Zack Greinke:  Can't explain what is happening here since he is in a great ballpark.  Maybe not healthy.
46. Matt Moore:  Floor completely fell out from under him with the walks spiking.
47. Jon Lester:  See above.
48. Yovani Gallardo
49. Kyle Kendrick
50.  Gerrit Cole

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