Thursday, June 6, 2013



Some big injuries to come down the pike on Wednesday so let's look at them more in depth in this latest edition of Injury Wrapup:

-After waiting almost a week to see if Washington Nationals ace SP Stephen Strasburg would respond positively from the injured lat suffered in his last outing, the team finally decided to place the fireballer on the DL once and for all Wednesday.  Strasburg will be eligible to return on June 16th and the Nationals front office spoke optimistically about him being fine by than.  However the injury brings up the risk associated with Starsburg going into the 2013 season due to the fact he violated the hallowed Verducci Rules last season, has a Tommy John surgery under his belt, and still has the rough delivery that concerned many in the first place.  The delivery many argue is the cause of the lat injury since it involved the torque in his throw so at least on that front, Strasburg is validating the worries I had for him this season.  While it is nice to hear the Nats front office speak optimistically about his return, lats are like obliques in that they can be tricky to come back from.  All in all in redraft single leagues, it may not be the worst idea to try and sell out of Strasburg soon after he gets back and has a nice start under his belt.  There is just too much risk for more trouble on the way.

-For the second time this season, Cincinnati Reds ace SP Johnny Cueto landed on the DL with a strained right lat muscle.  Cueto had only been back for two starts off his first DL stint before re-injuring the last in his start earlier in the week.  No timetable has been given for a possible return for Cueto this time around but figure it will be at least a few weeks since the injury was clearly still an issue for him to hurt it again so quickly.  While Pedro Villareal was called up immediately to take his place on the roster, hotshot rookie Tony Cingrani is expected to be promoted before his next scheduled start to firmly take Cueto's spot in the rotation.  Cingrani owners obviously love this news since he was pitching great before being demoted in a numbers crunch but Cueto owners are obviously beyond burned at this point.  The slight righty has had numerous injury issues in the past and unfortunately that is just part of the deal you get when owning him each season.

-Finally it is nothing but bad news for Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie who reportedly has seen little improvement on the injured left ankle that has him on the DL for the second time this season.  The ankle injury is of the "high" variety which of course is the worst type to get.  That means Lawrie is still weeks away at best as his 2013 season starts getting flushed down the drain.  While it is early, Lawrie's massive injury issues, which go back to his days in the minors, and the fact his stats have failed to travel from the PCL to the majors make him one complete bust.  Lawrie has already been dropped in both Experts Leagues without anyone making a claim and it is suggested you do the same if you are stashing him on your bench.  There comes a point where enough is enough and it is not exactly like Lawrie was hitting before he got injured for the second time this season.  Clearly this is the point where enough is enough and it is time to move on for good.

There you have it.  If you are an owners of any of the three above, what have you done to remedy their absences?  Post below.

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