Saturday, June 8, 2013


Once again it is time to check in on the latest batch of fantasy baseball adds/drops as June gets into full swing.  Let's see who made the cut this week.


Bartolo Colon:  Colon has been virtually unhittable over his last three starts, PED questions or not.  While his lack of K's don't make him as exciting an option as in an innings capped league, you always want to ride out hot streaks as long as you can.

Kyle Blanks:  No one has ever doubted the natural power that Blanks possesses.  Instead it was his almost complete lack of plate discipline, with a lack of walks and a major spike in K's.  However possibly sensing this is his last shot to stick with the Pads, Blanks is hitting .300 with six home runs in limited time.  Power is alwasy a precious commodity in today's game so Blanks has value to tap into for that part of his game at least.

Alexei Ramirez:  Ramirez has seemed to personally emphasize steals this season as he upped his total to 13 Saturday night which used to be the amount he would net in six months.  At the always shallow shortstop, Ramirez is getting back into the picture as an everyday option.

Yasiel Puig:  You might have heard about this guy by the name of Puig who is off to a nice start to this career.  If you are in the 1 percent of leagues where Puig is available, trip over yourself making the add.

Gerrit Cole:  The next big time prospect to get the call now that the arbitration deadline has passed.  The former number 1 pick overall is not striking out guys in the minors at the clip that was expected of him but he could be getting an audition to stick in the rotation long term.  Upside plays, especially ones this highly regarded, make great investments.

Will Myers:  Should be called up in the next two weeks.  While Myers has not hit for a great average due to strikeouts, the power has really come on lately which is his calling card.


Paul Konerko:  I hate to say it but Konerko might have reached the stage of his great career where he can't be used on an everyday basis.  The power has eroded and the average has slipped badly.  Sad.

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