Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The tight ends are up next as we take our first look around the 2013 fantasy football draft rankings.

1.  Jimmy Graham:  Clearly the top dog at tight end now that Rob Gronkowski is a health mess.
2.  Tony Gonzalez:  Believe this ranking.  Gonzalez comes off one of this best seasons in 2012 as he nears 40.
3. Jason Witten:  I love Witten more than almost any player in fantasy football as loyal readers know but I have to say it is time for me to move on given the fact he scored only two touchdowns last season.  We love all the catches but Witten needs to get into the end zone more which is an annual annoyance.
4.  Rob Gronkowsi:  Truth be told it is almost impossible to place Gronkowski in the rankings in not knowing how much time he will miss after back surgery in early June.  Right now we hear it is almost certain he begins the year on PUP and could miss up to four games.  A monster when on the field, Gronkowski is becoming more and more of a health nightmare.
5.  Vernon Davis:  Not a big numbers guy but consistency is the name of the game here.
6.  Dennis Pitta:  Had a mini-breakout in 2012 with 7 touchdowns and 61 catches.  Could have BIG breakout in 2013 now that Anquan Boldin has left town and Joe Flacco grew more and more comfortable with throwing in his direction as the season went on.
7.  Brandon Pettigrew:  Numbers took a dip in 2012 with Matthew Stafford having an off season.  Look for nice rebound to the 75-catch range.
8.  Jermaine Gresham:  Addition of Tyler Eifert a concern but Gresham continues to add numbers to his bottom line stats each year since coming into the league.
9.  Kyle Rudolph:  Major red zone and TD threat but needs to add more catches to move up this list.
10. Owen Daniels:  Steady performer will keep you more than afloat here.  Good value.
11. Greg Olsen:  Has his best season in 2012 and there could still be some more  growth.
12. Antonio Gates:  Aging badly as injuries and a massive drop in numbers making him a waiver guy.
13. Brandon Myers:  Was a major surprise last season in catching 79 passes but was really only receiving option in Oakland.  Eli Manning spreads ball around so don't buy last season's stats.
14. Jared Cook:  Boring veteran leaves us wanting more.
15. Tyler Eifert:  Could hit the ground running as a prime pass catcher.  Latest in long line of Notre Dame tight ends.  

There you have it.  As always let us know what your thoughts are.

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