Thursday, June 6, 2013


                                                                          Aaron Rodgers

Well it is now finally time to unveil the fist batch of 2013 fantasy football quarterback rankings as we go around the league with the season still a few months away.  With that said let's see where everyone currently stacks up.

1.  Aaron Rodgers:  Right there with Calvin Johnson and Adrian Peterson as the top pick overall.
2.  Drew Brees:  Throwing more picks but raw totals staggering.
3.  Tom Brady:  Losing Wes Welker big but Danny Amendola can do nice impression.
4.  Cam Newton:  Monster second half in 2012 restored luster after lackluster Sept. and Oct.
5.  Peyton Manning:  Back to his MVP self and adds Welker to Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker.  Wow.
6.  Matt Ryan:  Told you all to ignore the top guys and draft Ryan in 2012 and he responded with fantasy football-type MVP season.  Your welcome.
7.  Matthew Stafford:  Represents potential bargain given his draft price will fall to round 2 from round 1 after 20 TD/17 INT 2012. 
8.  Colin Kapernick:  Would be nervous drafting him as your starter given small sample size in 2012, albeit one that ended up in Super Bowl.
9.  Tony Romo:  Once again Romo a tremendous bargain as he could be cheapest 30 touchdowns in the game given the pub all the guys above him have.
10. Russell Wilson:  What a great rookie season and now has Percy Harvin in town.  Yes he is legit.
11. Andrew Luck:  Tough to call between Wilson and Luck.  You can't go wrong with either one.  In fact Luck has more long-term potential and can easily be first round pick next season.
12. Robert Griffin III:  Stay far away from Griffin as he is among the most injury-prone players in game and coming off major knee surgery.  Forget the allure.
13. Eli Manning:  Disrespected more than any two-time Super Bowl winning QB can be.
14. Ben Roethlisberger:  Losing Mike Wallace will hurt.  Never a fan before anyway as numbers just not on par with guys listed above.
15. Andy Dalton:  Being surrounded by ridiculous amount of weapons.  Terrific value.
16. Joe Flacco:  Another guy who is a better real life QB than fantasy football one.
17. Michael Vick:  Hated him in the past given his overinflated draft price but this year he could be steal in Chip Kelly's offense.  Can't believe I typed that.
18. Philip Rivers:  If you really want to wait on your QB and instead fill up on WR's and RB's early, than this guy or Dalton are your best bets.
19. Josh Freeman:  Head coach doesn't like so we don't either.
20. Sam Bradford:  Still believe he can breakout soon.  Very smart QB 2 option.
21. Jay Cutler:  Can't deal with those turnovers and immaturity.
22. Matt Schaub:  Numbers going south as Texans becoming more of a run outfit.
23. Carson Palmer:  Big arm still and gets Larry Fitzgerald.  Could do worse.
24. Jake Locker:  Now or never.
25. Ryan Tannehill:  Will be better but not sold he can be franchise guy.
26. Alex Smith:  Has big time weapon in Dwayne Bowe but numbers never that appealing.
27. Matt Flynn:  Sorry not interested in guy who got big deal off one meaningless Week 17 game.
28. Geno Smith:  Could be next in line of Cam Newton-Colin Kaepernick run/pass guys but wasn't regarded as highly.
29. Brandon Weeden:  No thanks.
30. E.J. Manuel:  Shocked he went so high in draft.
31. Christian Ponder:  He stinks.
32. Blaine Gabbert:  He is purely awful.

There you have it.  Let us hear your thoughts.

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