Thursday, June 27, 2013


Sometimes it is just too obvious to ignore.  That opening sentence perfectly describes the potentially monstrous fantasy football outlook for Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles heading into the 2013 season.  The epitome of what we call the "explosive running back", Charles is one of the few players in the game today who is a threat to score the football any single time he gets his hands on it due to his 4.2 speed and top notch elusive skills.  After proving that he had no ill aftereffects from his 2011 torn ACL in rushing for 1,509 yards and 5 touchdowns while averaging an insane 5.2 yards per carry.  Charles also proved to be a solid receiver out of the backfield, catching 35 passes for another 236 yards and another touchdown.  Put it all together and there is nothing that Charles can't do on the football field and we get the nagging suspicion we haven't seen his best yet and could be sitting on a blockbuster season under new head coach Andy Reid.

Looking at Charles a bit deeper heading into 2013 drafts, based on ability alone he is a sure top five pick overall.  While Adrian Peterson is the clear cut top running back on the board followed by Arian Foster, Charles is absolutely in the debate between Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy, and Doug Martin for the third spot at he position.  Again on potential alone, Charles has the ability to outproduce everyone on the board including Peterson.  That is how high we value him going forward.  The reason being is that Reid is ready to unleash Charles to play the role that made LeSean McCoy a running/receiver star in Philadelphia, with no hint of the frustrating committee that stunted his overall value the first few years of his career with Thomas Jones and Peyton Hillis stealing touches and goal-line chances.  Both guys are gone and Reid has stated publicly that Charles will be his primary ballcarrier in all situations.  That means Charles should get close to or even sail by the double-digit touchdown mark, to go with all of those rushing yards.  With Reid feeding him heavy doses of carries, it is not out of the question Charles puts up 1,700 rushing yards and possibly even more.  On top of the running game, Charles will also be used heavily in the passing attack and is capable of catching up to 50 passes.  This adds even more value to Charles, especially in PPR formats where he could go number 3 overall behind Peterson and Foster.  The numbers could be staggering.

All in all Jamaal Charles is a guy we will target very heavily early on in drafts if we are in position to add him to our roster.  It all checks out as far as Charles being placed in optimal position to succeed.  He has talent that is extremely good and is capable of putting up monstrous numbers altogether when combining the passing and running game.  Yes the ACL injury is a small worry for his overall ability to stay healthy but Charles has been durable outside of that freak incident.  This could be the start of something truly terrific this season.

2013 PROJECTION:  1,693 yards 10 TD 52 catches 498 yards 2 TD

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  1. This season no two running backs excite me more than Spiller and Charles. Naysayers like to diss Andy Reid for his lack of running the ball, but in LeSean McCoy’s best year he ran 273 times which is a lot. Regardless, if Reid has an uber-talented runner, like Charles, he’ll get him the ball in any situation. This should be a big year running, and catching the ball.