Wednesday, June 5, 2013


After I warned you all offseason, it looks like a suspension is close at hand for Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun which would finish him for the rest of 2013 if he does get handed 100 games as was being talked about.  With that said let's take a look at the latest set of fantasy baseball outfielder rankings.

1.  Mike Trout:  Amazing we even debated Trout and Braun before the steroid issue came out.
2.  Carlos Gonzalez:  Having an MVP-worthy season as CarGo correct previous home/road splits.
3.  Chris Davis:  Along with Miguel Cabrera and the two listed above, has been a top four fantasy baseball hitter all season.  Who knew?
4.  Adam Jones:  Quietly awesome.  Just the way Jones likes it. 
5.  Justin Upton:  Yikes only .211 average and 2!!!!! home runs in May as strikeouts killing his bottom line.  What a difference a month makes.
6.  Andrew McCutchen:  Sitting on 7 homers an 14 steals.  Average of .288 more reasonable than last season's BABIP-fueled number.
7.  Jose Bautista:  Average has taken nosedive to .263 since threatening .300.  Power still among best in game.
8.  Shin-Soo Choo:  Was easy to predict the upshot in power going from Cleveland to Cincy.  Underrated.
9.  Bryce Harper:  Injuries and K's led to a very poor May which took shine off great April.
10. Domonic Brown:  In short the last two weeks for Brown have been insane.
11. Adrian Gonzalez:  Power decent but still not where it was prior to 2010 but threatening for batting title.
12. Carlos Gomez:  Told you all to double down on him this season as late blooming power/speed guy.  How did that turn out?
13. Ryan Braun:  Good riddance!
14. Alex Rios:  In midst of his own slump but still supplying the juice at an advancing age.
15. Dexter Fowler:  Now on board with the power breakthrough but need to see more with the average due to strikeouts.
16. Carlos Beltran:  Power holding steady but steals now gone for good.
17. Yoenis Cespedes:  Home runs are now coming in bunches.  If only he too could curb the K's some.
18. Hunter Pence:  Back to being underrated power speed guy with 9 homers and 10 steals.  Clearly needs low key city to succeed after flameout in Philly.
19. Mark Trumbo:  Plays better at 1B or 3B with his pop but no speed.
20. Matt Kemp:  This one hurts as Kemp has been great to me but fact is shoulder surgery sapped power and now leg injuries sapping speed.
21. Jacoby Ellsbury:  Has rediscovered love for steals but only 1 home run show 32 in 2011 as big an outlier as you can get.
22. Matt Holliday: Fading as he Cards have talked about moving down in the order.
23. Jay Bruce:  Another guy whose power was still at the start but now is rounding into form.  Look out.
24. Allen Craig:  Hitting for average and driving in runs but where are the dingers?
25. Josh Hamilton:  We all feared those years of drug abuse would have Hamilton decline fast.  At least he got the cash first.
26. Coco Crisp:  The old man continues to get it done with his legs and bat (6 homers/12 steals).
27. Alex Gordon:  Hitting for average but juice not there for second year in a row.
28. Norichika Aoki:  Underrated speed guy adds more pop than one would believe.
29. Nelson Cruz:  Power still very good but suspension looming.
30. Ben Zobrist:  Obviously you play him at shortstop but overall has been shaky.
31. Michael Bourn: Steals way down which is really the only stat you want from the guy.
32. Giancarlo Stanton:  Worries about lack of support in lineup ruining season helped along by his injuries.
33. Brett Gardner:  Steals are down but power is up.  Solidifying leadoff biggest news of all.
34. Mike Morse:  Capable of upping the average and power has been good but behind his last two season's pace.
35. Alejandro De Aza:  Nice encore season for De Aza who has supplied some underrated power/speed digits.
36. Jason Heyward:  Heyward has been absolutely deplorable in every way as his massive K rate not forcing opposing pitchers to give him anything.
37. B.J. Upton:  Fitting that Upton and Heyward are ranked right next to each other as they both have been gigantic busts this season.
38.  Desmond Jennings:  Only seven steals and horrid average puts him on par with some of the other busts.
39. Martin Prado:  Has become nothing more than a mediocre hitter whose best asset now is his versatility. 
40. Austin Jackson:  Has done next to nothing due to hamstring injury.
41. Nick Swisher:  Having just an all right season as he remains fringe option.
42. Nick Markakis:  Nice improvement back to respectability.
43. Angel Pagan:  You can do better.
44. Juan Pierre:  One of the great basetealers ever.
45. Curtis Granderson:  Remember these rankings are weighed heavily through this season of which Granderson has missed all but a week.
46. Adam Dunn:  Power is great as usual but you can't have a guy hitting .160 in your lineup.
47. Josh Willingham:  Willingham is not much better than Dunn as his average is better but the power less so.

There you have it.  As always let us hear your thoughts.

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  1. You missed the hottest hitter in baseball right now. You almost had my attention