Monday, February 4, 2013


The second baseman are up next as I continue my journey through all of the fantasy baseball positions with drafts on the way.  Here are the key second baseman I like/hate more than you.

Second Baseman I Like More Than You

1.  Ian Kinsler:  Kinsler has has a grip on me from his very first days as a pro and with two 30/30 seasons in four years at a light hitting position, the guy is as big a stud as there is in the game.  His previous issues with injuries seem to be a thing of the past as he has now stayed healthy two years running but we can never be 100 percent secure there.  Other than an extreme home/road split and some average issues, Kinsler remains firmly behind Robinson Cano as number two in the second baseman rankings this season.

2.  Aaron Hill:  I am fully counting on having Hill as my second baseman in the Experts leagues this season as I continue to value him more than the average player.  Sure he crashed and burned his last two seasons in Toronto but he found new life in homer happy Arizona and even successfully became a decent steals guy on the fly.  Put it all together and Hill went 26/14 in 2012 while also hitting .302.  Don't buy the average but everything else should be back in place.  Great value.

3.  Jason Kipnis:  Many are making too much of his second half struggles after he turned into Ian Kinsler II the first half of 2012.  Kipnis hit the rookie wall and struggled when pitchers adjusted to him which is typical.  The power/speed game is tremendous though and another year older could bring about a superstar season.  Great talent.

4.  Jose Altuve:  Playing for the Houston Astros is like playing baseball in Siberia but I really appreciate what the kid brings to the table with his 30 steal legs and perennial .300 averages.  There also is some pop that showed up a bit with 7 home runs last season so you can't chalk up Altuve to being strictly a steals guy.

Second Baseman I Hate More Than You

1.  Robinson Cano:  It is not that I wouldn't love to own Cano or that I don't appreciate how great a hitter he is.  The problem I have is that I refuse to use a first round pick on a second baseman who is not a power/speed guy so Cano has never been on any of my teams.  Great player no doubt but one who doesn't fit my roster.

2.  Dan Uggla:  Can't stand the guy and have said it for years.  Yes the 30 home runs were nice (even though that seems to be a thing of the past) but a major mistake fantasy baseball owners make in drafting guys like this is that they don't realize that you have to take some of these taters away due to the awful average he brings to the table.  Now Uggla is aging and his average is close to Adam Dunn territory.  Just go away bro.

3.  Brandon Phillips:  I used to actually be a big proponent of Phillips but that was back when he was a 20/20 guy.  Those days are long gone as Phillips is losing his speed as he ages.  His average has improved the last few years but overall Phillips is a guy you always seem to want more from each season.

4.  Martin Prado:  Nice player but Neil Walker does the same things Prado does for a much cheaper rate.

5.  Rickie Weeks:  The guy is always hurt, his average is a joke, and his steals are fading.  Not much to recommend.

There you have it.  Let me hear your thoughts on this topic.

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