Thursday, February 14, 2013


We already took a firm look at how the first round in a standard 5 x 5 12-team league should look like given the massive importance of these selections.  Round 2 is almost as important and so with that in mind, here is how the picks should look from 13-24.


1.  Mike Trout
2.  Miguel Cabrera
3.  Ryan Braun
4.  Matt Kemp
5.  Joey Votto
6.  Andrew McCutchen
7.  Albert Pujols
8.  Prince Fielder
9.  Robinson Cano
10. Troy Tulowitzki
11. Carlos Gonzalez
12. Justin Verlander


13. Ian Kinsler:  The guy has gone 30/30 twice in the last four years and he has finally figured out how to stay healthy the last two seasons.  The average is not pretty and his home/road splits are becoming extreme but Kinsler stills fills up the stats as well as anyone in the game.

14. Jose Bautista:  Bautista was right on schedule with his power last season but a wrist injury cost him a large chunk of 2012.  Also don't worry about the poor average as Bautista suffered from some horrendous luck with the batted ball which will fix itself this season.  40 home runs are the floor once again and 50 a possibility.

15.  Clayton Kershaw:  Hip issue the only thing keeping him from challenging Justin Verlander for the top spot among all starters.  Still not even in his prime which is amazing considering how great he already is.

16. Buster Posey:  Ridiculous production from a catcher, Posey combines batting title averages with 25 home run pop.  A risk investing in a catcher this high though and one only has to look back at Posey missing almost all of 2011 with a broken leg as evidence why.

17.  Giancarlo Stanton:  Has absolutely no help in the Marlins lineup but Stanton hitting 50 home runs would shock no one.  Just don't count on last season's .290 average as he was quite lucky with his BABIP. 

18. Bryce Harper:  No this is not too high.  At 19 years old Harper hit 22 home runs along with 18 stolen bases.  The term "the sky is the limit" was meant for the Nats slugger.

19. Adrian Gonzalez:  Don't sleep in a nice "comeback" season by Gonzalez in 2013 even though he was still quite good in 2012 with 108 RBI and a .299 average.  Only 18 home runs was the worry as Gonzalez hasn't been the same power hitter he was before shoulder surgery but the more relaxed environment in LA should add 5-7 dingers this season.  Better yet he also qualifies in the oufield.

20. David Price:  Will challenge Justin Verlander for the AL Cy Young again and pitching in the AL East has not phased him one bit.  Durable and just now entering his prime.

21. Evan Longoria:  The second round is where Longoria firmly belongs after two injury-fileld seasons.  He can be the MVP if he stays in one piece as he massive power and RBI potential but Longoria has some warts.  He won't hit .300 due to a high K rate and he is almost completely losing interest in stolen bases.

22. Hanley Ramirez:  Hard to resists Ramirez after all the good he has done in his still young career.  The average has sunk the last two seasons but we blame some of that on the distractions of being involved in some clubhouse issues while in Florida.  His head should be much clearer in laid-back California and Ramirez is still fully capable of 20/20 and likely more.  He also carries eligibility at both shortstop and third base.

23. Stephen Strasburg:  The kid is phenomenal no doubt but Strasburg is an injury risk due to his violating the Verducci Rules last season.  Still the innings restrictions are being phased out and Strasburg could put up Randy Johnson-strikeout numbers if he stays in one piece.

24. Justin Upton:  Give him another chance.  Sure Upton burned many last season but he is shaping up as a major value as a late second round pick.  His thumb hurt him all season which sapped his power and when it felt better as last September arrived, he hit like his old self.  Should be energized in his new home.

There you have it.  Let us hear your thoughts.

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