Thursday, January 17, 2013


Moving right along with out 2013 early fantasy baseball rankings, we now delve into the outfield where you can pretty much find any kind of hitter you want.  Let's see where they all currently stand.

1.  Ryan Braun-Has done it longer than Mike Trout which gets him the nod.
2.  Mike Trout-In keeper leagues you go with Trout over anyone else. 
3.  Matt Kemp-Price is actually attractive as he could slip to round 2 due to last season's injuries.  POUNCE.
4.  Andrew McCutchen-Kemp the better stolen base guy with good health so McCutchen slips to the four spot.  His own loss of interest in steals a bit concerning but power trending up.
5.  Carlos Gonzalez-Now the best priced 5-tool fantasy baseball outfielder as Trout and McCutchen stole the spotlight.  We are still buying.
6. Jose Bautistfa-Worried a bit about coming off wrist injury which historically hurts power.  No longer third base eligible.
7.  Josh Hamilton-BUST ALERT!  Don't say we didn't warn.  K rate up sharply in 2012 as age starting to show.  Also no way he stays healthy for two seasons in a row.
8.  Giancarlo Stanton-50 home runs on the way if he stays in one piece.
9.  Adam Jones-Continue to develop as he added pop in 2012.  Now as rock solid as they come.
10. Jason Heyward-Love where this kid is heading.  Quietly went 27/21 and hinting at more.  REACH FOR HIM!
11. Justin Upton-Thumb injury prime reason his power faded last season but this ranking is more a concern of trade rumors and not knowing where he could end up.  Still has all the potential in the world.
12. Bryce Harper-how about going 22/18 as a 20-year-old?  Sky is the limit.
13. Yoenis Cespedes-I am now a believer.  Wasn't the average liability thought he would be and power is top notch.  Could go 30/25.
14. Jacoby Ellsbury-Been burned by him one too many times.  Two of last three seasons destroyed by injury.  No thanks.
15. Desmond Jennings-Enjoy the discount.  Looking like a better version of Mike Cameron.
16. Matt Holliday-Slipping some as indicators showing age.  Still a great bet for .300/25/100.
17. Alex Rios-Nailed that comeback story last season.  Your welcome to those who listened.
18. Shin-Soo Choo-Ditto!  Will add some homers in Cincinnati.
19. B.J. Upton-Can't stand the average but almost at 30 home runs now with his 30-plus steals.  Terrific juice.
20. Mike Morse-A guy I like more than you.  Underrated bat that could hit .300 with 30 home runs.
21. Curtis Granderson-This is not a misprint.  Indicators going into the toilet.  Lost his speed, K rate to the moon, average a joke, and now strictly just a home run bat.
22. Jay Bruce-A guy you like more than me.  Sorry getting tired seeing .250 with the power.  Similar guy in Morse a lot cheaper.  Or even this guy.....
23.  Corey Hart-As underrated a hitter in the game.  IN ALL OF BASEBALL!  Has hit 26 and 30 home runs the last two seasons with no one watching.
24. Carlos Gomez-May finally have figured out this MLB hitting thing.  Won many a league title with his top five outfielder performance in the second half. 20/40 is my prediction.
25. Allen Craig-Play him in the outfield. 
26. Austin Jackson-Now sacrificing speed for power.  Why can't we be greedy and ask for both?
27. Nelson Cruz-OVERRATED!  We are as guilty as anyone hyping the guy the last few seasons.  Now just a shaky average with decent pop and no more speed.
28. Alex Gordon-Was good but not to the level fantasy baseball owners wanted in 2012.
29. Starling Marte-Is showing some nice juice potential in home runs and in the steals game.
30. Josh Reddick-Average a concern but power is not.  Price tag nice due to Oakland shadow.
31. Hunter Pence-Has really slipped since leaving Houston and now has to play in San Francisco. 
32. Alejandro DeAza-Nice priced kid who will help everywhere.
33. Andre Ethier-A major liability against lefities and power not looking like it could get back to the 30 range.
34. Will Myers-Look for him in May and than watch out.
35. Carl Crawford-Please. 
36. Norichika Aoki-Hope he is not overpriced because I want a second serving of this Coco Crips impersonator.
37. Emilio Bonifcaio-Steals special.
38. Brett Gardner-40 steals should be back in play if he stays healthy.  Hitting at the bottom of the order limits his upside though.
39. Billy Hamilton-Just can't see a full season of at-bats with Dusty Baker in charge of the club.
40. Coco Crisp-Still going strong in his mid-30's and added some power.
41. Ben Rever-The new Juan Pierre.  Should do big things leading off the Phillies and their solid hitters.

There you have it.  As always let us know what you think.

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