Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It is time to once again check in on the updated wide receiver fantasy football rankings.  Here is how they currently sit.

1.  Calvin Johnson-Getting heat from Brandon Marshall but Megatron still holds firm at the top.
2.  Brandon Marshall-Is it possible to be even better than what we all thought he would be back with Jay Cutler?  I think so.
3.  Andre Johnson-Has been right with Johnson and Marshall as the best receiver in football second half of the season.  His stats are ridiculous during that time period.
4.  A.J. Green-Has slowed a bit in his production the last few weeks but otherwise remains a gem.  If you ranked him above Johnson I wouldn't quibble.
5.  Wes Welker-Slow start but another 100 catches in the books.  Just stay with the Pats Wes (pending free agent).
6.  Julio Jones-Now firmly ahead of Roddy White in the Falcon passing pecking order.
7.  Victor Cruz-Has been perhaps even better than his 2011 breakout campaign.
8.  Vincent Jackson-Finally showing the consistency he never had in San Diego.
9.  Dez Bryant-Broken finger the only thing to stop him the second half of season.
10. Randall Cobb-Believe it.  On a team with Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings, Cobb has been the best Packers WR.
11. Demaryius Thomas-Still a bit up and down with the numbers but overall has lived up to the sleeper hype.
12. Roddy White-Slipping some now that Julio Jones is the big play guy in the offense.  No longer a rock solid WR1.
13. Reggie Wayne-Has gone ice cold the last month as maybe age becoming a factor with his endurance.
14. Percy Harvin-Would have loved to have seen where he would have ended up if he didn't get injured.
15. Eric Decker-This is one guy we hyped up tremendously in the summer who fully lived up to his worth.
16. Mike Williams-Has been a very good complement to Jackson.
17. Cecil Shorts-Breakout season for this guy.  If only he didn't play in such a poor offense.
18, Jordy Nelson-Like with Harvin, would have finished higher here if he didn't get hurt.
19. Marques Colston-Old reliable.
20. Stevie Johnson-Has quietly had a very solid season now that his draft price has settled.
21. Steve Smith-Still going despite approaching his mid-30's.
22. Larry Fitzgerald-This ranking has nothing to do with his ability but all to do with the horrid QB play he has to deal with each season.  Push him up 10 spots if he gets even a decent passer over the winter.
23. Hakeem Nicks-Steep drop for Nicks who just can't stay in one piece.  Start pricing him as such.
24. Dwayne Bowe-Could shoot way up this list depending on where he signs in the winter himself.
25. Greg Jennings-Lots of competition again in the Packers receiver chain.
26. Miles Austin-Has become the Mike Williams to the Vincent Jackson of Dez Bryant.
27. Denarius Moore-Has been solid, especially when it comes to scoring touchdowns this season.
28. Mike Wallace-Steeler receivers had off year due to Big Ben's injury issues.
29. Antonio Brown-See above.
30. Torre Smith-Had big start to the season but back to inconsistent ways the second half.
31. Brandon Lloyd-Outside of a few big games (like his effort in Week 15), Lloyd has not lived up to the hype in the Tom Brady offense.
32. Lance Moore-Like him a lot and was more dependable than ever this season but still swings a bit wild in his stats each week.

There you have it.  Let's hear your thoughts.

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